Executive Director's Welcome

High Mowing School is the first Waldorf high school to be founded in North America and the only one to offer a boarding program.

Here on Abbot Hill there is a rich educational and social community that, over the last nearly seven decades, has developed, changed and adjusted to meet the needs of the students, offering teenagers a unique combination of Waldorf education and community living. We are a small, friendly community of students and faculty living and learning together in an inspiring and comfortable setting. Each student, day student as well as boarder, and each teacher is an active part of this community.  

At High Mowing students embark on a journey of self-realization, accompanied by a gifted and committed faculty. Here, we recognize students' potentials, stir their passions, nurture their innate human sympathies, and help them develop their intellectual, artistic, and physical capacities.

I am delighted that you are visiting the High Mowing website. As useful as you might find this website, however, nothing can equal a visit to our campus. Come meet the people who comprise this community of learners. Talk to our engaged and excited students. Sit in on an imaginative and spirited class lesson. You will see, reflected in the young people, the development of social skills, social sensitivity, and social understanding, which the curriculum at High Mowing School strives to bring out in its students. Underlying all aspects of learning at High Mowing School is the conviction that each student has a unique sense of self and of her or his own life’s purpose. Fully developed, or well-educated individuals, must possess the tools to become fully cognizant of who they are and what they bring to the world. They must be confident in their ability to craft prosperous and fulfilling lives based on this knowledge, while at the same time respecting the rights and privileges of others. This is the very hope that we all carry for our young people.

At High Mowing School we aim to deliver an education based on this premise — it is the greater purpose behind our school and our curriculum. The academic, artistic and athletic excellence attained by High Mowing students is not directly sought after as a learning outcome, but is the by-product of the students' journey of self-discovery. As a result, the High Mowing School’s graduates graduate as not only good students, but also as good citizens of the world.

Come visit us and experience the remarkably supportive social environment and rich program that are our hallmarks. I am confident you will choose the path that runs through High Mowing.

Rea Taylor Gill
Executive Director

High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton NH 03086
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