An Education for the 21st Century

High Mowing School recognizes every student's potential, stirs their passions, nurtures their innate human sympathies, and helps them develop their intellectual, artistic, and physical capacities. We truly offer a holistic education. Students, parents and alumni/ae use many words to describe this small private school — creative, challenging, experiential, integrative, engaging, inspiring, holistic, caring and personal. It's great to hear what others say, but the best way to learn about High Mowing is to visit us.

Because High Mowing...

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  • ...prepares students for success.

    Because our graduates think for themselves and approach problems creatively, they do very well in college.

    Because our graduates understand themselves and are confident in their own capacities to learn and to grow, they are quick to recognize life’s opportunities and are unafraid to confront life’s challenges.

    Because our graduates are empathetic and are guided by an inner moral compass, they form lasting human relationships and are valued contributors to their chosen communities and professions.
  • ...enables students to thrive.

    Because our faculty is intent on recognizing the potential and stirring the passionate interests of each student.

    Because every student is encouraged to explore widely and to develop new capacities and skills.

    Because every subject is taught in imaginative and lively ways that help bring the subject alive.
  • ...gives students what they need.

    Because our students are part of an intentionally small, friendly, and vibrant community of scholars, they develop a deep love of learning

    Because our students are immersed in a remarkably supportive social environment, they develop strong identities and self-understanding.

    Because our students are meaningfully engaged by a curriculum designed to meet their developmental needs, they grow into well-rounded and competent adults.
In the meantime, get to know us better. See for yourself why we are one of the best and most innovative small private boarding and day high schools in the New England area, and the only North American Waldorf boarding school. High Mowing serves day students from New Hampshire and Massachusetts and boarding students enroll from all over the world.

An Education for Life

    • A Day at High Mowing

      Meet four High Mowing students and get a glimpse of what a day is like for them at High Mowing School. This video's conception, filming and production is the creative work of Jeremy Gillam '09, filmed after his freshman year at college. Jeremy began making films in High Mowing's Digital Arts program and graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

High Mowing School

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