Many Ways to Contribute

At High Mowing, there is always an ongoing “wish list” of things that could brighten the lives of our students and faculty. Often times, these are special projects that build on current opportunities or needs. This year, we’ve consolidated this list to several key themes that are especially timely and meaningful for our community. All gifts to the Fund for High Mowing bring benefits to the students. If you wish to direct your gift to a designated purpose, please consider the following list of priority needs and wishes and note your intention on the gift form when you make your gift. Examples of the type of projects and materials to be funded are given below each designation. In certain cases, specific equipment and materials are needed, which can be made as a gift-in-kind. If you have any questions or would like to make a gift, please call Jan Kingsbury, Director of Community and Resource Development, at (603) 654-9408 ext. 105.

Wish List - click sections to expand

List of 7 items.

  • Campus Improvements

    • Campus signage and directional maps
    • Plow truck – urgently needed for coming season, new or used! Funded -- Thank You!
    • Utility van for campus service projects— we are looking for a used van in running order that could be used for rough utility around campus. Don’t scrap it, donate it!
  • Energy Efficiency Measures

    • Airlock entrance door on the gym
    • Weather stripping in the Main Building and Library
    • Double-paned windows for the Practical Arts classroom
  • Scholarships

    Scholarships increase diversity at High Mowing and bring the opportunity of this valuable education to more students. Both merit-based and need-based scholarships help us to build a vibrant, qualified student body.               
  • Lighting Our Students' Lives

    • Ambient lighting in dorms
    • Freshened dormitory walls and hallways
    • Refurbished dorm kitchens
    • New area rug in the girls’ common room
    • Replacement windows in the Library
    • Pond retrofit outside Library entrance
    • Resurfacing pool table in Student Lounge. Thank you!
  • Student Health and Safety

    • Passenger buses—we’ve gotten a lot of use out of our two aging buses, but it’s time to replace them with more reliable vehicles
    • Resurfaced parking area for campus vehicles
  • Academic Facilities and Support

    • Horticulture program – twelve sets of quality hand tools (spades, trowels and digging forks) for use by students, bare-root fruit tree and berry stocks, and summer stipends for two employees. Funded--Thank You!
    • Bow Shop insulation, trim work and cabinetry that brings the character of the Naturalist program into the heart of their classroom. Funded -- Thank You!
    • Practical Arts workbenches for the classroom
    • Jazz Ensemble Room improvements to rehearsal space, plus recording equipment to connect with the Digital Arts Studio
    • Costume Closet needs dress clothes, vintage clothes, ballet flats, men's dress shoes, and leather boots for men and women.  Think of us before throwing out unwanted shoes that are in good condition!
    • Piano Care: cover, casters, and humidity control for two grand pianos in the Big Room. Funded -- Thank You!
  • Athletics

    • Tennis Court re-surface to Hard Court (black top)
    • Athletic Uniforms for our sports teams, especially Basketball and Soccer

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