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December 9 | Polarity

The junior class observes and studies magnetic fields in their Electricity and Magnetism block class.

December 8 | Cellular

December 6 | Rehearsing Tradition

    • 'Members

      Members of the angel's choir gather around the piano for a Nativity Rehearsal. The traditional Nativity performance will be this Saturday, December 10th at 5:00 p.m.

December 1 | Window Star

November 30 | Wax

November 29 | Baking

The holiday baking group prepares hundreds of cookies for the end of the week! Every year there is time put aside during the first week of Holiday Block for students to participate in Holiday cheer classes; this group is working hard to prepare the cookies for our end-of-week tree lighting tradition!

November 28 | Crèche

    • 'The

      The crèche for High Mowing School's traditional Nativity performance is built and ready to go. The block between Thanksgiving and Holiday Break is a special time of year on the Hill for, on top of the regular academic curriculum our students get involved in special holiday classes aimed at building community spirit through decorating the campus for the holiday.

November 18 | History Through Architecture

    • 'English

      English and History teacher Wendy Bruneau guides the senior class through innovations in architecture in their History Through Architecture Block class.

November 17 | All heart

    • 'Cell

      Cell Biology & Physiology teacher Rob Yeomans points out actual heartstrings in a pigs heart during a morning dissection session.

November 16 | Corner

    • 'Helen

      Helen Owen '19 makes a corner kick during the last game of the girls' soccer season.

November 15 | Trimester Workday

High Mowing School students raise a hand-built timber frame structure on a brisk autumn day as a part of the "Trimester of Becoming" class.

November 14 | Metaphysics Rehearsal

    • 'Cassidy

      Cassidy Dufour '19 waits for her cue in the afternoon sophomore play dress rehearsal. "Metaphysics," a collection of 4 plays, will be performed this Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. in the Big Room at High Mowing School.

November 11 | Remembering Leonard

November 9 | Craftsman

    • 'Andrew

      Andrew Ewald '17 sits on a bench he created by hand. As part of his senior capstone project Andrew is crafting several new benches for the HMS soccer fields.

November 8 | Election Day

    • 'Noa

      Noa Sadeh '17, Govy Moore '17, and Nicole Job '17 return from casting their vote in the 2016 election.

November 7 | Halloween Dance!

November 4 | ESL

    • 'Suky

      Suky Hu '17, Alice Wang '17 and Jerry Zhou '17 talk about their Transcendentalists Block and discuss the different forms of consciousness with Beverly Boyer in their morning ESL class.

November 3 | Fall Morning

Glorious fall morning at High Mowing School! #fall #newengland #waldorfschool #newhampshire #nature

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November 2 | Future Freshmen

    • 'Admissions

      Admissions Outreach Coordinator Theo Groh tours the visiting 8th Grade Class from Pine Hill Waldorf School, our sister school across the street.

November 1 | Parents Weekend

This past weekend was Parents Weekend. In addition to attending teacher conferences, our visiting parents explored the art studios, experienced a student coffee house, and cheered on our boys soccer team to win against Tilton. Thank you to to all of the families who joined us for Parents Weekend! Click here for more photos.

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