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September 30 | Cliffside Art

September 29 | Downtime

September 28 | Tidal

September 27 | Island Lab

    • 'Haley

      Haley Froio ’17 studies a mollusk alongside nearly 100 students from 5 different Waldorf schools. The yearly senior trip to Hermit Island is underway; after an early morning on Monday the students convened for a mollusk lab and squid dissection!

September 23 | Diabolo

September 22 | The Forest

September 21 | Anemone!

September 20 | HMS v. New Hampton

September 19 | ID

    • 'Elias

      Elias Lenzen '18 getting his photo taken on Photo ID Day. This morning each class came to the Center Room to get their photos taken for their school ID's. The year is fully underway!

September 16 | Lakeside

September 14 | Bon Voyage!

September 13 | Geo-Journal

September 12 | Naturally

September 9 | Back at it

    • 'Kayla

      Kayla Quigley '18 helps transplant raspberry bushes. Kayla and the most of the returning students helped horticulture teacher Brad Miller transplant bushes, pick flowers, and remove rocks from the Upper Gardens while the seniors and new students continued with orientation.

September 8 | Roll Call

    • 'Dean

      Dean of Students Cary Hughes reads the roll during the first official Roll Call of the 2016-17 school year.

September 6 | Senior Move-In

    • 'The

      The Class of 2017 returned to the Hill today! The senior class traditionally comes back to campus a day early to meet with the faculty and prepare for the coming school year. We look forward to the other classes joining us tomorrow!

September 2 | Next Week

    • 'The

      The Big Room is ready for students to return after a long and quiet summer. This coming Tuesday the class of 2017 will return to the Hill and prepare for the coming year. We look forward to the rest of the classes returning next Wednesday and to the official start of the 2016-17 school year!

August 26 | Homecoming

    • 'Two

      Two months, 12 days and several thousand miles after the start of her journey, rising Senior Noa Sadeh has returned home from her cross-country bicycle trip. Congratulations on completing such an inspiring trek!

August 19 | Stained

    • 'Stained

      Stained glass bird by Saskia Fourmon '17, one of several pieces adorning the windows of the dining hall.

August 12 | Farmers Dinner

    • 'Last

      Last weekend over 100 guests attended a locally sourced meal and dining experience held by the Temple Wilton Community Farm and The Farmers Dinner in Frye Field at High Mowing School. All proceeds from this event went towards the Temple Wilton Community Farm's effort to purchase their land. Photo by Matthew Lomanno Photography.

August 5 | Wapack Sunset

    • 'A

      A glimpse of the Wapack Mountain Range from the Upper Gardens at sunset.

July 29 | Harvest

    • 'The

      The Upper Gardens have yielded hundreds of heads of garlic from last fall's planting! The garlic will be used in the kitchens this school year and will last until mid-winter.

July 22 | Morning Garden

    • 'Chenoa

      Chenoa Cameron-Lewis '17 tends to the carrot beds in the upper gardens. Chenoa is one of many students who are working on campus helping horticulture teacher Brad Miller maintain the greenhouse and gardens.

July 15 | Miles To Go

Rising Senior Noa Sadeh's bike and pack outside Yellowstone National Park. As part of her Senior Capstone Project, Noa Sadeh '17 is undertaking a 3500+ mile cross-country bike trip from Eugene, Oregon back tome to Wilton, New Hampshire.

July 8 | Summer Work

Izzy BLASUCCI '16 and Noah WURTZ '16 peek out from "the duplex" (a faculty residence on campus). Before heading off to farm in Central America and study at Bard College (respectively) Izzy and Noah are working with the maintenance staff to prepare the campus for fall.

July 1 | CFA

    • 'The

      The Center for Anthroposophy (CFA) and has set up shop! Both this week and next Waldorf teachers from all over the nation are on-campus participating in the CFA/Antioch University Renewal Foundation Studies and High School Teacher Education courses, held annually at High Mowing School.

June 24 | Snap

    • 'School

      School may be on break, but the gardens certainly are not! Horticulture teacher Brad Miller and his summer work crew (including Austin Davis '19 & Chenoa Cameron-Lewis '17) are hard at work harvesting thousands of sweet and ripe sugar snap peas.

June 17 | Reunion

Reunion Weekend 2016

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