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April 17 | May Day 2015!

april 16 | student artwork

#Artwork by HMS junior Federica Jermann.

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April 15 | Cooking dumplings with evan

April 14 | Grandparents and special friends day

Grandparents and Special Friends visited campus on Friday, April 10. They visited classes, attended a panel featuring students and faculty, and enjoyed a Coffee House after dinner. Thank you to everyone who made the trip to visit High Mowing!

Photos taken by HMS sophomore Michael Wu.

April 13 | Eunice and luna in the studio

April 10 | Cell Biology and embryology tutorial

"One of the things that is special about High Mowing is the artistic effort that goes into some of the simplest things; announcements at roll call, for example. They could be dry and informational, and some are, but many are acted out or 'adorned' in some way; and you find yourself laughing!"

~Colleen O'Connors, HMS science and humanities teacher [Read her full bio]
"A student’s request for extra studio time can easily turn into a session of intense focus in which we are able, in one afternoon and evening or a weekend, to move her through a project to the next level of skill and knowledge. To be able to choose this way of living and working is rare and essential." 

~Michal Noer, HMS art teacher and dorm counselor [Read her full bio]

April 8 | making sushi in culinary arts class

APRIL 7 | HMS sophomore honored

Last weekend HMS sophomore Ethan Blair attended the Beautiful Minds Challenge Symposium at Marlboro College! Each year, teenagers from around the world submit their response to a prompt given by the Beautiful Minds Challenge. Ethan was chosen as one of the 25 Honorable Mention Entries, six of which will be chosen as finalists. Ethan submitted a photo (left) he took while travelling in Tibet last year. Congratulations, Ethan!

April 6 | 'Faust' art projects by HMS seniors

"One of the highlights of my year is teaching the Faust block to seniors.... The course is structured in High Mowing’s tradition of immersive, artistic learning, and each year I am moved by its power to transform the students’ understanding of themselves and their world."
~Wendy Bruneau, Academic Dean and humanities teacher [Read her full bio]

April 4 & 5 | Weekend activities

April 3 | Farming friday: soil blocks

April 2 | Bookbinding

April 1 | home cooking: kale chips!

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