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April 27 | Gordon A. Russell Award

Lauren Conde '17 and Maija Massey '16 receive the Gordon A. Russell Award from the Russell Farm & Forest Land Conservation Foundation for their interest in the environment and the natural world around them.

Thank you to Gordon Russell and his foundation for this opportunity and the support given to the High Mowing community in the recent years.

April 26 | Roundtable

    • 'Residential

      Residential Life Faculty member Kyle Finnell leads the Sophomore Roundtable block class. The Sophomore Roundtable gives the sophmore class a chance to reflect upon their experience in high school thusfar, and space to consider what classes and opportunities they want out of their final two years of high school. Photo taken by Ethan Blair '17.

April 25 | Beach Cleanup

In celebration of Earth Day, a group of students went to Salisbury Beach, MA to help the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation clean up the beach. Alongside a few other volunteers, 57 lbs of trash was collected from the shoreline.

April 22 | Winchendon @ HMS

    • 'A

      A group of students from The Winchendon School visited our campus today. They met with Horticulture teacher Brad Miller who toured them through our gardens and greenhouses, and talked them through our intricate composting process.

April 21 | Coordination

April 20 | Sowing Seeds

    • 'Alise

      Alise Kaplan '19 and Sadhana Lake '18 plant spinach during the Horticulture & Sustainability pre-lunch class.

April 19 | Morris Practice

    • 'Long-time

      Long-time community member and Morris Dancing teacher Leslie Vogel shouts commands from the center of the Big Room during the first official Morris Dancing practice. The 45 students will practice daily for the next two weeks, perfecting their performance for High Mowing School's Annual May Day Festival, this year held on Saturday April 30th at 10:00 a.m.

April 18 | Handcrafted Fleet

April 15 | Practice Space

Izzy Blascucci '16 practices her cello in the afternoon sunlight. #spring #waldorfeducation #boardingschool #music #nature

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April 13 | Contemplate

    • 'Emma

      Emma Upton '19 contemplates and adjusts her nearly finished piece. The Pictures & Words Projects Block is nearing the end of its two weeks and finished art pieces paper the walls of the Eurythmy Room. The group will present their finished works to the school next week.

April 12 | Molten

April 11 | Grow Anew

Our Tropical Ecology Projects Block group talking with Max Villalobos, the reforestation coordinator at Osa Conservation in Costa Rica. The group learned about primary and secondary forests in this area, and the work being carried out to conserve this ecologically important part of Costa Rica. See posts from abroad by following the Tropical Ecology Projects Block Blog 

April 8 | Amalfi Coast

    • 'Our

      Our Italy Projects Block strolling into the town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

April 7 | Turtle Patrol!

The Costa Rica Projects Block is at the Piro Biological Station! The group woke up before 5:00 a.m. this morning to go on their first morning turtle patrol. They walked through the forest to reach the beach, and once there searched along a few kilometers of beach in search of evidence pointing to newly established nests and for signs of predation. In the first photo the group is listening to Manuel Sanchez, the sea turtle conservation coordinator at Osa, as he explains how to check on existing turtle nests; in the second photo the group is searching the beach at dawn.

April 5 | From Scratch

    • 'Izzy

      Izzy Darby '17 places a panel inside the unfinished frame of what will soon be a kayak. In the next two weeks, Izzy and several of her peers will each create their own hand-built kayak during the "Build Yourself a Kayak" Projects Block taught by professional boat maker and Wilton local, Chris Balch.

April 4 | Exploring the World

Learn more about this Projects Block with blog updates from the road: From Monticello to Red Boiling Springs Blog

April 1 | Capstone

March 31 | Ultimate

March 30 | Store

    • 'The

      The store is open for business! Each day after school, student managers like Ellie Sienkiewicz '17 open the School Store so that students can buy snacks, HMS gear, school supplies, and more!

March 29 | Firm Grip

    • 'Kayla

      Kayla Quigley '18 prepares to climb aerial silks during her afternoon Circus Arts class.

March 25 | Ice

March 24 | Anatomy

    • 'English

      English and Science Teacher Colleen O'Connors discusses how we experience the human senses with the freshmen in their required Anatomy and Physiology morning block class.

March 23 | Sword to Grind

March 21 | Swap

    • 'Lila

      Lila Johnson '16 and Catherine Pendleton-Wheeler '17 sift through their peers' clothing. The Cabin Organization put together a clothing swap for the HMS student body. People showed up to dig through the shirts, scarves, blouses and more to see what treasures they might find. All clothing that did not find a home was donated to a local charity.

March 18 | Nearing Completion

Hunab Almehua '18 nears completion of a bow he started back in December.

March 17 | Defense

    • 'Lacrosse

      Lacrosse Teacher Wendy Fielding and Senior Lucy Ward '16 demonstrate a practice drill in the first week of Women's Lacrosse this season.

March 16 | The Inferno

    • 'Two

      Two foot tall final project illustration by Amelia Metcalfe '17 from the junior classes' Dante's Inferno block class.

March 15 | Batik

    • 'Izzy

      Izzy Blasucci '16 hoops fabric for a practice batik. Batik is a technique of creating multicolored designs on cloth using wax-resistant dyes and melted wax.

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