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February 9 | Primary

February 8 | Year of the Monkey

February 5 | Makeup

    • 'Alex

      Alex Marin '19 gets his makeup done by Maggie Daler '19 in preparation for their performance tonight. Join us at 7:00 p.m. in the Big Room to see the freshman class perform three one-act plays by Molière

February 4 | pick and roll

February 3 | Trig

February 2 | art of the soul

    • 'Maggie

      Maggie Daler '19, Nora Breckenridge '19, and Rhianna Schahn '19 practice the the movements and gestures of the alphabet in their freshman Eurythmy class. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Education, described Eurythmy as "the art of the soul" and felt it is an essential part of the Waldorf curriculum.

February 1 | Solve for g

    • 'Chaz

      Chaz Rodgers '18 records data while Justin Li '18 releases the ball on a downbeat. Using the beat of Jack Johnson's song "Breakdown" as a timing mechanism, the sophomore Kinematics class recreated Galileo's famous inclined plane experiment to determine gravitational acceleration of a ball bearing.

January 29 | The Slopes

January 28 | Big Top

    • Keiran Sass '17 made it into the Circus Smirkus 2016 Big Top Tour! See him and his partner Dylan Biedrzycki take on some high flying acts in this official audition video.

January 26 | Threads

Saskia Fourmon '17, works on a weaving project on a six pedal loom in our textiles studio. #waldorfeducation #artseducation #weaving

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January 25 | Volleyball

January 22 | Bow Shop

January 21 | Relearning

    • 'Gabi

      Gabi Ulin-Mejia '17 practices her flute in the Big Room during her Ensemble track class. Gabi played flute for a long time when she was younger; "I'm relearning" she says.

January 20 | Taking Shape

    • 'Jerry

      Jerry Zhou '17 displays his progress sculpting a clay figurine during his morning pottery class. Notice the details of the face starting to take form!

January 19 | Commedia dell'arte

January 18 | Let Freedom Ring

The school sings "We Shall Overcome" after viewing and reflecting upon Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech.

January 15 | Mao's Design

    • Mao Mao '18 leads the class in meeting Raven's challenge from yesterday. If you watch closely, everyone walking in the center is walking back and forth in a straight line, creating the illusion of a rolling circle. This is actually a mathematical concept called a "Tusi Couple".

January 14 | Working Together

    • 'Eurythmy

      Eurythmy teacher Raven Garland challenges the sophomore class to recreate a complicated movement without her instruction; after several group attempts, Mao Mao '18 exclaims "I got it, I know how to do it!" and leaps into action.

January 13 | Fiona's Journal

    • Open Studios: Fiona's Journal

January 12 | Drake

    • 'Brey

      Brey Hilton-Wetherbee '16 and Fiona Pelz-Sharpe '17 continue work on a stained glass piece depicting the rapper Drake during Material Arts Open Studios.

January 11 | New Beginnings

Noah Wurtz '16 and Lily Doyle '16 lead Roll Call on the first day of school in the 2016 year.

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