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October 27 | New Look

Art teacher Michal Noer and HMS tutor Karl Wilson hang our new sign. For many weeks Michal has been hard at work creating a new sign for the school. We will repurpose the old sign after giving it some much needed care and attention!

October 26 | test de français

    • 'French

      French and Music teacher Mark Fergueson clarifies something for Elizabeth Hawley '19 during an afternoon French 3 test.

October 25 | Dress Rehearsal

October 24 | Walden

    • 'Audrey

      Audrey Quick '17 poses with a statue of Henry David Thoreau near Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. As part of their Transcendentalists Block, the senior class visited Walden Pond and the site of Henry David Thoreau's famed cabin as well as Nathaniel Hawthorne's Concord house, Old Manse.

October 21 | Morning Duets

    • 'Gabe

      Gabe Futterman '18 and Eli Budet '19 play duets to the crowd before morning Roll Call. The Big Room pianos are always being played whenever there is a free moment at High Mowing School!

October 20 | Chemistry

    • 'Science

      Science Teacher Rob Yeomans took his Plant Chemistry block lecture outside today during this unseasonably warm week!

October 19 | Shhhh!

    • 'The

      The junior and sophomore classes took the PSATs today. Shhhh!!

October 18 | Full Tang

October 17 | Autumn

October 14 | Coming Storm

October 13 | English

    • 'Gabe

      Gabe Futterman '18 writes alone in the cool autumn air. The junior English class spread out by the soccer fields to write reflections on their current reading under the guidance of new English teacher Nehemiah Stark.

October 12 | Balance

October 11 | Anaerobic Digestion

The Trimester of Becoming Block class is outfitting the greenhouse with a class-built Anaerobic Digester! Anaerobic digestion is the process of creating biogas (used for heating and electricity) by using microorganisms to breakdown biodegradeable materials in an oxygen-free environment. Once completed, the digester will work to keep the greenhouses sustainably warm throughout the winter!

October 10 | Peace Cabin

Eliza Bruns '18 and Lauren Hawley '19 work to clean up the David Anderson Peace Cabin. Built in 1998 the Peace Cabin has been a symbol for social justice and the 'Cabin' group has worked with local refugee populations and volunteered all around the state of New Hampshire. The Cabin itself hasn't been used in a few years, but this year Eliza and Lauren are working to change to that!  Click here to read more about the David Anderson Peace Cabin.

October 7 | Survey

October 6 | Open for Business

October 5 | Sculpt

October 4 | Rhombus

October 3 | Aperture

    • 'Gabe

      Gabe Futterman '18 with our science skeleton during a Digital Photography lesson. The Digital Photography class went outside to practice balancing the camera's exposure in different light settings.

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