Scrumptious and Organic

Ask anyone on campus what their favorite part of the day is and you’re likely to get the same answer: meal time! High Mowing's kitchen staff is dedicated to presenting the beauty of nature at each meal — bringing the best of the outdoors, indoors. Only fresh foods are served, and every nutritious meal is presented in a visually appealing way.

The kitchen staff at High Mowing has eleven members, and students and faculty take turns assisting at meals. The kitchen/dining room space is organized in an open design, encouraging a home-like, community atmosphere in our dining room. Students, staff and faculty members dine together. Boarding students are offered three meals and a snack on weekdays (brunch and dinner on weekends) and day students join in for lunch and snack as part of their tuition. In addition, day students are invited for special-occasion dinners at no charge and may choose to stay for other meals at a modest fee.

Meals include options for vegetarians, gluten-free diets, and meat-eaters. The ingredients are organic and locally grown whenever possible. As part of our consciousness about the environment, we feed our scraps to the campus pigs and chickens, and compost the rest.

Typical Menu

List of 5 items.

  • Breakfast

    • cooked cereal
    • home-made granola
    • yogurt
    • eggs
    • bacon or sausage
    • pancakes
    • toast
    • fresh fruit
  • Snack

    • fresh fruit
    • home-made peanut butter
    • graham crackers
    • rice cakes
    • cheese
    • muffins
    • scones
  • Lunch and Dinner

    • home-made soup
    • salad bar
    • root vegetables
    • green vegetables
    • rice or pasta
    • entrée (baked salmon, ginger chicken, enchiladas, falafel, beef tips, etc,)
    • fresh fruit
    • fresh-baked bread
  • Dessert

    • oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies
    • just-out-of-the-oven peach, apple or blueberry cobbler (with fresh whipped cream)
    • brownies
    • blondies
    • lemon squares
    • flan
    • biscotti
  • Beverages

    • real fruit juices or lemonade
    • milk
    • teas (black, green or herbal)
    • fresh well water

Home Cooking Videos

    • Home Cooking at HMS - Crepes

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