Engaging the Body

Look down at your hands. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to what is happening around you. Your body and your amazing senses are a connector to the world around us. Without it the world around us becomes little more than abstract concepts. At High Mowing, Engaging the Body is about much more than staying fit to ensure that we can effectively use our minds. It’s about honing the ability to observe and react, to build and create.

Fueled by the best local food and/or organic foods, much of it from our own gardens, our students go out into and fully interact with the world around them. In botany students move between the gardens and the classroom, first observing and interacting, then discussing, synthesizing, experimenting. Our wide array of practical arts offer opportunities to develop both a deep understanding of the craft and the physical and mental skill to make your vision a reality.

Our athletics teams are strong and competitive not just because of our great coaches, but also because our students engage their senses and move and observe their surroundings in a multitude of ways. By engaging directly with what they are doing and learning, by going out of the classroom to go in, you develop a sense of the connections and relationships between things and of our interdependence. With that core understanding, teamwork and dedication come naturally!
    • Growing Awareness

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