Inspiring the Mind

Nowadays lots of people talk about creativity, inspiration, imagination and how important they are. But where do they come from? They come from you—from the connections you make with the people and world around us and the relationships you see and create between them. At High Mowing School our curriculum is based on this understanding. Instead of separating arts, academics, and movement they are intricately interwoven throughout our entire school day. Teachers collaborate across subject areas and encourage and support one another with activities, materials, and creative ideas.

Here at High Mowing you will be expected to try new things, to ask and explore questions that cross boundaries. You will be encouraged to seek out places where ideas cross to create something you never thought of before. You will engage not just your mind, but your heart, your body and your spirit as well.

We believe in your unique ability as a creator of meaning and purpose in this world. Our curriculum is designed with a clear understanding of where each of us are in our lives and guides you to live into each moment to the fullness of your creative, ethical and intellectual capacities. From this comes the confidence that if some new challenge comes across your path, you have the creativity, work ethic, and imagination to face it. This is the gift of High Mowing.
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