Nurturing the Spirit

What is love? Who am I? Why are we here? What is my responsibility to others and the world? These are questions of the spirit, questions whose answers are as varied as the human beings who ask them and as universal as the source from which they come. At High Mowing we not only understand this, it is at our core. We want you to look deeply into what it means to be a human being.

This means seeking the connections and depending on the world around you. Take away willingness to delve in to the unknown and school becomes little more than a factory pumping out standardized students for standardized tests.

Our pedagogy and community are founded on the faith that each of us has a unique life path that is intricately and beautifully intertwined with others. We want your full spirit to shine through with all of its differences, gifts, and quirks.

This is High Mowing...

"It lies off the beaten track, but not too far. It is on top of a hill, but not too high. The mowing slopes to a dark pine woods with the blue hills glimpsed beyond at the edge of sight. To reach it you wind uphill through woods of pine and white birch, many maples, and an occasional oak or young chestnut, all soft carpeted with fern and snowy with laurel in its season…At the top of the rise swings a wide welcoming circle of brown buildings crowning the top of the hill—the end of a journey. Not too far, not too high—but high enough for breadth of view and far enough for perspective on a busy world and frantic struggle to get somewhere. Far enough and high enough to lead to a finding of values and goals enhanced by the beauty of nature and swing of the sun, moon and stars over the endless quiet of hills."

~Beulah Emmet, Founder
From Farm to School
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