Touching the Heart

You are a complicated person. You are defined by much more than labels like jock, nerd, artist, overachiever, or gamer. At High Mowing School, we believe that’s exactly what it takes to make a strong community—independent young people who are willing to branch out, try new things, and take risks. When every member of the community strives to connect with each other and the world in ways that are unique and meaningful to them, something very powerful is created for the community and for the student.

Rather than encouraging our students to “find their place” within the community and be limited by what they are “good at,” we open up new possibilities and inner potential. With each of us living fully into ourselves comes a certain vulnerability and that is where High Mowing shines. There is a web of love, respect and admiration here that makes it possible to break out of predefined roles and open your heart to the people and world around you.
    • A Unique Community

High Mowing School

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