From the Director of Alumni/ae Relations

Dear High Mowing Alumni/ae,

It’s May, so that can only mean one thing: Alumni/ae Weekend is just around the corner—June 17-19. From the BBQ Friday night to Sunday morning chapel with Susan PRINCE Thompson '70 (and the Coffeehouse led by Scott Elliot ’86 and more in between), you won’t want to miss it! Details for the weekend can be found in the new HMS Alumni/ae Portal. Be sure to register soon as dorm rooms are filling up quickly. The online list of who is coming is updated weekly.

Hopefully, you’ve received a letter letting you know that a new leader will be landing on Abbot Hill this fall. Rea Taylor Gill will join us as our Executive Director. Come meet her in June at Alumni/ae Weekend (another good reason to come!).

Hope to see you next month!


Heather Cochrane

  From the Alumni/ae Association President

Dear Friends of High Mowing,

Up on the hill another May Day has passed and we’re looking forward to Graduation and Alumni/ae Weekend. About ten years after I graduated, I started coming back for Alumni/ae Weekend looking for my classmates. While I rarely found a classmate there, I always found people I knew and I’ve made many new friends from other classes. I’ve found that there is a recognizable warmth and spirit common among people who attended or worked at High Mowing. For me, it has come to feel like a large extended family with an annual reunion.

For those who have resisted coming back to the hill, let me encourage you to join us. Alumni/ae Weekend is all about re-connecting with your past, finding friends old and new, and remembering the joys and sorrows of our High Mowing years. Also, please remember that Alumni/ae Weekend is not just for graduates—many of us left before graduation and all are welcome. And while there is always opportunity for voluntary philanthropy, nobody will ask you for money; the weekend is a social event, not a fund-raiser. If you can get yourself here, but can’t afford the room and board, let me know. I’ll find you a bed and I’ll buy you a sandwich and a beer. Just please come back.

Hope to see you here,

Alexis Pittman ’77

  What's Happening at High Mowing?

Penelope JENCKS ’53 donates sculpture to High Mowing

We are excited to announce that noted artist and High Mowing alumna Penelope JENCKS '53 donated a life-sized terra cotta sculpture, Ruth, to High Mowing. Ruth arrived on campus on April 6, and is located in the Main Building’s third floor lobby. Next time you are here, please stop by and view this generous gift to the school. The unveiling will take place during Alumni/ae Weekend on Saturday, June 18. For more about Penelope and images of Ruth’s move to High Mowing, click here.

May Day 2011

May Day was celebrated on April 30 as the community welcomed spring to our beautiful hilltop. Maypole and morris dancing was led and accompanied by Leslie VOGEL '70 on accordian.  The day also featured live music, scrumptious refreshments, and High Mowing’s always popular annual pottery sale. Mrs. Karl worked diligently in preparation for the sale, which featured wares from alums and current students.  Fun was had by all who attended!

A special thank you to our generous Alumni/ae and friends of HMS who contributed their time and talents to the 2011 May Day Pottery Sale:  Guy WOLFF '70, Agnes CHABOT Almquist '71, Sharry STEVENS Grunden '74, Brigitta KARL '79, Wendy WALTER '85, David GRAHAM 2003 and Alexios Karl.

Projects Block

High Mowing students began a two-week Projects Block on Monday, May 2 and returned to regular classes on Monday, May 16. Offerings this year include: International Youth Film Collaboration Project in Serbia and America with Cedar Oliver and MaryAnn Martel; Propaganda and Media—How Movies Shape Public Opinion with Cary Hughes and Jonathan Northrop; Arthur’s Britain with Keith Badger, Robert Sim and Andrea Badger; Metalsmithing—Jewelry Fabrication and Design with Michal Noer; Rock Climbing/Campus Building Project with Mike Wisnieski; Chicago Blues with Judy Wachler and Katherine Murray and Alfalfa to Zucchini—ABCs of Local Farming with Wendy Bruneau, Paola Santillan-Dias and Marguy Nelson. To read more about these adventures in learning please visit our website and be sure to check out the May edition of More Notes!

  Development News

Alumni/ae giving means so much! Not only does your generosity help students attend through tuition assistance and help pay teacher salaries—your gift is considered a vote of confidence by foundations when we apply for grant funding! Help improve our alumni/ae participation rate—we’ve gone from 4%% three years ago, to 7%% two years ago, to 10%% last year. Your gift counts!

Give online and show your support for High Mowing School!  To be included in the 2010-11 Annual Report, your gift needs to be received no later than June 30, 2011.

Thank you to everyone who has already given!

  Alumni/ae Association News

We want YOU for the Alumni/ae Association

Would you like to get involved with High Mowing? The Alumni/ae Association provides the perfect venue for our grads to be involved in the School community. You are of course welcome to attend meetings to find out more—and you are welcome to nominate yourself or your friends for officer postions. Please contact Bill FRYE '63 to learn more at Elections are held every year during Alumni/ae Weekend.

Senior Dessert

The Alumni/ae Association will once again host a Senior Dessert to welcome the Class of 2011 as official Alumni/ae of High Mowing School. This will take place in the Emmet Alumni/ae House on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. If you would like to join us in welcoming the Class of 2011 as fellow alum, please send your RSVP to or contact her at 603-654-2391 x. 135.

  Alumni/ae Profiles

Kaleen MCKEEMAN '03:
From High Mowing to High Flying

Written by Ellen MORTON Hamil ’59

Kaleen MCKEEMAN 03 has been a star in the heavens . . . the heavens of ZAIA, a Cirque du Soleil show in Macao, China. For more than two years she played the part of Zaia, a girl who travels into space. No, she isn’t an astronaut in a spaceship, she’s literally hanging onto a rope. That’s because Kaleen is an aerial strap artist. Read more.

Donavan PIETERSE '84:
Air Force Pilot: Connecting Both Sides of Your Brain at HMS
Written by Donavan PIETERSE '84

I did not want to go to High Mowing. Let’s get that straight right from the beginning. I knew my goal was to be a fighter pilot and that didn’t fit in with batik, bookbinding and weaving. Well, twenty-six years after graduation, I am finally understanding the benefits of working with all corners of my brain. Read more.

  Upcoming Events

Henry LEWERS '08 Pianist Henry LEWERS '08  Solo Recital
Thursday, June 2, 7:00p.m., HMS Big Room

Henry LEWERS '08 will perform a solo recital in two parts. The first half will be comprised of classical works by Rachmaninoff, Arndt, Beach, Granados, and Dello Joio. The second half will include a number of jazz selections with drummer, Judy Bruneau. This concert is presented as a benefit for the High Mowing Music Fund, which was established in memory of David ANDERSON '96. Donations are gratefully accepted. For more on Henry Lewers, please visit his website.

Saturday, June 11, 11 a.m., HMS lawn

All Alumni/ae are invited to attend.

Alumni/ae Weekend
June 17-19, 2011

By now you should have received an invitation to Alumni/ae Weekend 2011! Come enjoy reconnecting with memories and friends from your student days here. Visit our website to see the complete weekend schedule. Register online now!

Where Light Falls: An Evening of Poetry & Harp
Thursday, June 23, 7:30p.m, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, VT

Celebrate the summer solstice with two High Mowing favorites: poet, Patrice Pinette and harpist, Beverly Boyer. They will be surrounded by the exhibit Wherever You Are is the Center of the World —a collaborative painting project which includes the work of Susan Brown, former High Mowing teacher. Please come to this uplifting event. Admission: $6 adults, $4 seniors, $3 students, free for BMAC members and children under 6.

  Visits to High Mowing

Kaleen McKEEMAN '03 visited HMS this past February and spent the afternoon visiting with the after school Circus Arts class. Kaleen had just returned to the US after starring in the Cirque de Soleil show in Macao, China.

Classmates Andrea SWANSON Scheidler '66 and McCrystle WOOD '66 spent part of an April afternoon visiting the HMS campus.

For the past 40 years Guy WOLFF '70 has come back to HMS to make pottery. Each year, Guy visits for one week in Mrs. Karl’s studio where he makes vases, mugs, bowls and other beautiful items. These pieces are then sold at May Day with all proceeds benefiting HMS.


  Class Notes

Mary RICKARD Paul '44 writes: I moved into The Fountains October 6, 2010—an excellent 'independent living' retirement community. Plenty of opportunity to continue art work and writing, food's great, resident's very pleasant, campus lovely. I think I made a good decision. I still have wonderful memories of High Mowing when it was just getting started.

Frederick MOYER '47 writes: My four years at High Mowing School were the best school years of my youth. The History of Art block with Mrs. Emmet made me realize that history was not just a bunch of dates to be memorized but was a window into the evolution of humankind–and the Geometry block was an awakening to the joy of thinking. HMS gave me the gift of flexibility in life. Being awake I was able to follow the opportunities that destiny presented along my life’s path that have been multifaceted and enriching: almost ten years working on the Titan I missile program, almost ten years in orchestra management, playing my violin in community orchestras for most of my life, and in retrospect gaining a strong foundation in Anthroposophy that has become a central focus in my life. And then in 2006 a stroke that paralyzed my left side. Destiny then gave me the means of rehabilitation and experiencing what I could never have previously imagined. HMS was a wonderful foundation for life. Please follow this link to read Fred’s complete piece.

Edith H. BOERNER Dirks '49 We recently heard from Edith the sad news that she lost her husband in September of 2009.

Richard MACK '53 writes: I just read of the passing of Boris Elisayeff. . . sad indeed. In 1954 (yes, that short time ago) I took an 11,000 mile trip (summer months) across the USA and my traveling partner was Boris. I have such fantastic memories of that particular trip and was happy to share the experience with him. As a fellow New Jersey-ite I visited Boris at his home quite a few times where his father had added a wing to their home to display his artwork (Jackson Pollack move over) as he was a commercial artist. His family treated me as one of their own. That trip was a memory for the ages and still is. Thanks BE for sharing that wonderful time in my life!!!

G. Abbott FAY '61 writes: Hi, Still having to escape New England winters for part of Dec/Feb & March. Look forward to another great Alumni/ae Weekend in June at HMS. The turnout was great in 2010 for class of 1960 and others! Thanks for going.

Douglas W. SCHMDIT '61 is the Scenic Designer for Tales of the City which will run May 18-July 10, 2011 at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, CA.

Linda BEEBE Blicker '62 Enjoying travels to wonderful places with my husband. Active in our town. Life is good!

Julia BUSSER duPrey '62 writes: Our daughter Beatrice is now an MD, doing her residency in Family Medicine in Calgary, and son Nicolas's wife just gave birth to our first grandchild, Noah. So life has been good to us. Bea also got married in the summer to her long time boyfriend.

Harriotte COOK Ranvig '64 writes: This fall has been deliciously busy. The new feature is that I have been teaching a course at Tufts University's "Experimental College" Program. The course is music and culture, Ethnomusicology 101, titled "discovering Indian music in greater Boston.”

Jefferson COTTON '66 continues to oversee his manufacturing plant. See

David BOOTH '73 writes: I am married 11 years with twin boys, 6 years old, living in Somerville, MA. I love being a daddy, though I realize I got a late start on it. I work as a software architect specializing in semantic web technology, leveraging my PhD in computer science. I was a musician in an alternative rock band from about 1987-1997, but left that when the band finally broke up. My hands feel like they still know how to throw pottery on the wheel, though I haven't done it for about 30 years. I keep hoping that someday I can make more pottery.

Connie FISHER Hellwig '83 writes: Every Spring I remember gardening class with Sue Rossi. We would sit and clean up the flower beds and cut everything back in the Fall! The iris on the right, upper side of the road going out from the circle is what I remember always every Spring . . . and how the boys would complain, 'Oh, do we have to do this!'

Greg RUGIERO '87 writes: I am an Ethologist in Africa now. I was in the Peace Corps in West Africa 2003 to 2005, then rebuilding wildlife facilities in Thailand after the Tsunami in 2005 where I also taught science and met my fiancé. Thai is my 8th language now. I am also a travel writer and my 2nd book is coming out soon, and have since managed the 1 million hectare Limpopo project in Mozambique, S. Africa and Lesotho, Swaziland and other countries. I have been in the bush a long time and owe my school at least some contact. Sabina was a beautiful soul who inspired me to dance through life. I do so in science now. Dave Mitchel was a tough cookie who taught me tough lessons with love...tell Tony that I was a professional beach volleyball player and actually saw Renny Werner at a tournament in California one day. I also did a short stint as a professional actor as a graduate of Groundlings and met Judson Mills in Hollywood! I am a happy, well educated naturalist whose inspiration was sparked by High Mowing's educators and education. I feel Sabina's love with me every day. I am grateful for the unique and culturally rich education I was gifted at High Mowing. Waldorf education as well as Peace Corps will be a prerequisite for my children one day. My gosh...I will actually have children too? I still believe that I am younger than my years - another life juice that was chugged at this wonderful school. My best thoughts are with the best school, Peace, Greg Ruggiero.

Mariah CREECH Sheridan '89 writes: My husband and I are celebrating the birth of our son SHAWN DOUGLAS SHERIDAN II. Born 11-9-10, 7lbs 2 oz 19 3/4 inches. He is truly a miracle and a blessing.

Solveig STOEBE '96 writes: I was at High Mowing in the year 1994, and my time there was very memorable! I loved it there at the campus, the people I met, so many good memories. I was a Junior at that time. I am originally from Germany. Since then I have lived in Italy, Austria and now in Montreal, Canada (since 2008). I found many friends over facebook from that time, as we had lost contact over the years. When I cross the boarder and go to Vermont or Massachussetts I always think about my time at High Mowing. It was good to have had the chance to be there. (I am a graphic designer and love my creative work, be in the nature and doing many different kinds of sports.)

Llani DAVISON '98 writes: Gardens for Change is a little business I started helping people who want to grow more of their own food at their homes but are not sure where to begin. I help them get set up and they then do most of the growing.

Jovial KING '00 is up to great things!  Visit

Amanda SINGER '02, was a 2010 recipient of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education. The awards are designed to recognize and reward outstanding Jewish eduators in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. Amanda, who teaches at Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy in Longmeadow, MA, was awarded $1,000 plus funding towards a round-trip airline ticket to Israel through the Israel Travel and Study Fund

Caroline SCHUSTER '03 and Janika SCHUSTER '04 are working together on a small business project, The Schustery. They work in the field of illustrations and graphic design and all of their projects are created bearing in mind today’s environmental standards. They want to share their creations with the HMS community and invite you to check out their website:

Sarah SCHEFF '06 graduated from Marlboro College this spring.

John WHELAN '06 just graduated from Marlboro College. Take a look at a video of his work there:

Henry LEWERS '08 spent the month of January taking a theater class in London, England.  He saw a huge variety of productions, and posted his reviews and wrote about his experiences in a blog.   Check it out at Henry is currently a junior at St Olaf’s College in Northfield, MN. 

Mica LOW '10 is a freshman at Savanah College of Art and Design majoring in Illustration and Art History.  Mica's team won third place in the Sand Relief category at the 2011 Sand Arts Festival on Tybee Island, GA.

Zoë FALK '10 has been chosen as a Global Stride Fellow at Smith College! Congratulations! Read the story here: Zoë has been accepted to the summer academic program at Universite De Provence and will be traveling to Provence this summer to further enrich her French studies after first interning at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, as she has the past three years.

Dan McGUIRE '10 was recently awarded the rank of Eagle Scout at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor held in Mason, NH.   He is a member of Troop 264 and has been involved in Scouting since first grade.  In addition to earning 21 merit badges, Dan completed a community service project at the Florence Roberts Nature Trail in Mason.  He built a kiosk for the trail, gathered naturalist information about the area, and created a map of the trail that is now available at the trailhead.  He worked with members of his troop and the town Conservation Committee to develop and complete his project, gaining planning and organizational skills in the process.


On February 13, Simone B. Chabot passed away. Simone's daughter, Victoria CHABOT Soodak '74, writes: "In 1969, my mother, Simone Chabot, took in two inner city girls: Betty Lawrence and Toni Smith. They needed to board with us as there was no room in the dorms at High Mowing. They had received a scholarship in the ABC program. This was through Father Ed Morrell of the Peterborough Monastery who was a modern Catholic priest. Subsequently my mom went to Mrs. Emmet and asked if her own children could have a scholarship. Mrs. Emmet took an instant liking to my mother and the youngest three in our family were able to attend High Mowing, which was a life changer! My mother became good friends with Mrs. Karl, Mrs. Frye, Sabina, the Chalmers, the Pulidos and many more I'm sure, and of course Mrs. Emmet. At the end of Mrs. Emmet's life she was cared for by my mother. It was one of the last subjects my mother talked about as her consciousness dwindled; her relationship to Mrs. Emmet and High Mowing." Simone was married to Paul Chabot, a union that lasted more than 66 years; Simone is survived by her husband and by her children: Pauline Chabot of Sanbornton, NH, Maryel Chabot of Peterborough, NH, Bernard Chabot of Cambridge, VT, Aurore Chabot of Tucson, AZ, Francis Chabot of Utica, NY, Agnes CHABOT Almquist '71 of Winthrop, WA, Pierre CHABOT '72 of Hancock, NH, and Victoria CHABOT Soodak '74 and Christopher Chabot of Wilton, NH; 16 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her ninth child, Matthew, in 1961. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations to Monadnock Developmental Services, 121 Railroad St, Keene, NH 03431.

Glenn Oxford let us know that his father, Dan OXFORD '50, passed away from a heart attack on March 12, 2011.

Boris ELISAYEFF '55 died peacefully on March 23, 2011 of a massive stroke while in Hospice care in Durham, NC. His dear friend and classmate Aileen MULLIGAN Niessen ‘55 was with him. Condolences may be addressed to: Aileen Niessen, Goetheanumstr. 11, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland

Fiona BOND-Davis '85 passed away on April 12, 2011 after a long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer. She loved HMS and Waldorf education.

We learned this week of the passing of Cleve Beard on May 14, 2011. He died peacefully during the night, in his chair at home, at the age of 91. Cleve was much-loved at High Mowing, fondly remembered by many alums. He worked at HMS in the 1970s and was well-known for his part in Pagan Motors. Cleve joined us last June during Alumni/ae Weekend, where many expressed their deep affection for him. Photo by David GILE '70

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