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Deep, Authentic and Lasting Relationships

. . . a place where you are free to discover yourself and pursue your passions?

At High Mowing School you are accepted and welcomed as you are. Then you are encouraged to become the person you want to be. Your teachers are keen to recognize your potentials and are eager to help you realize them. Through sharing their enthusiastic interest in their fields of study, they seek to kindle the fire in you.

Every subject — whether in the sciences, the humanities, or the arts — is taught in imaginative and lively ways that help you understand the material and bring it alive. When your interest is stirred, your teachers will aid in your pursuit of the subject in greater depth. A one-act script may become a full-blown theater production. Your interest in economic theory may become a seminar in the history of economic thought.

Each student is encouraged to explore widely and to develop new capacities and skills. A first-time musician may end up playing in a jazz ensemble, or someone who has never hiked a trail may become expert in wilderness survival. A shy student may end up chairing a session at Model United Nations, or a newcomer to sports may become a midfielder on the soccer team.


“I think High Mowing offers a standing challenge to every student who walks in the door by saying, ‘Here are the resources, the studios, the books, the programs, the teachers. Now it’s up to you. Go, find your passions, pursue them.’” 

“The teachers offer you so much. From a scientific genius to a pottery guru (who nobody would argue is a one-of-a-kind wonder), from a walking ‘library’ to someone who keeps the studios open late into the night — the teachers offer their gifts to the school. Everyone is on your side, and you have the chance to get as much as you want from the incredible role models who are willing to share all they can with you.”


. . a great place to live and to grow?

High Mowing School is a small, friendly community of students and faculty learning together in an inspiring and comfortable setting.  Every student, day student as well as boarder, and each teacher is an active part of this community. From the moment you step foot on campus you will be immersed in the remarkably supportive social environment that is the hallmark of High Mowing.

The beautiful campus, perched on a hilltop in southern New Hampshire, is the center of social life for everyone. The dorms feel like home and the homes of a dozen faculty families are on-campus, creating a real sense of community. The surrounding woods and fields are a laboratory for nature exploration, a haven for relaxation, and an inspiration for thought and reflection. Everyone is nourished by excellent food, much of it prepared from locally-grown organic ingredients. 


“I noticed true friendships, not only between students, but between teachers and students as well. People at HMS are all so welcoming, accepting, and supportive, and everyone is enthusiastic and happy about being part of something as positive as the
High Mowing society.” 

“I didn't think I would be able to get involved with so many different groups and activities but everything seemed to come naturally out of the welcoming and inspiring atmosphere and attitude of everyone.” 

. . a place where you chart your own course?

Graduates of High Mowing think for themselves and approach problems creatively. They understand themselves and empathize with other people. They trust in their capacity to learn and to grow. They find useful work and they have satisfying friendships. They find success and fulfillment in a wide range of fields.

You will leave High Mowing with confidence and self-assurance. If you are like most High Mowing graduates, you will consider yourself a citizen of the world, and will find ways to contribute to the betterment of others. You will know yourself well enough to blaze your path through college and beyond.


“Being at High Mowing inspires me to try new things, and supports me through them. No other school I have been to recognized my efforts like High Mowing does.”

“What I have accomplished during my time at High Mowing has surprised me . . . I gained confidence by not giving up on something just because I was afraid of what might happen . . . I became motivated because I wanted to be the best I could be in every way possible and prove to myself that I was able to do anything I set my mind to.”


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