Founders Merit Scholarship

In honor of Mrs. Emmet and all of the people who supported her in establishing and growing High Mowing into the school it is today, 70 years after the first students arrived, the Board of Trustees has established the Founders Merit Scholarship program.

This competitive scholarship recognizes academically exceptional students with excellent character as demonstrated through their academic achievement, activities, and community service.

Founders Merit Scholarship awards are $10,000 for boarding students, $7,500 for day students, and are granted without consideration of financial need. Awards automatically renew from year to year as long as the recipient remains in good academic and social standing.

U.S domestic award recipients are also eligible for Tuition Adjustment (up to 50% of tuition, including housing and meals for boarders) based on family need.

Who Should Apply?

The scholarship is available to new students entering 9th Grade (or 10th Grade for students coming from a school where the program ends after 9th Grade). Find more detailed information on the Scholarship Application form.

To qualify for the Founders Merit Scholarship award the applicant must demonstrate:
  • Academic excellence
  • Active participation in community service
  • Hardworking, resilient, and optimistic character
In addition, the applicant will express his/her well-roundedness through excellence in one or more of the following: visual arts, music, drama, sports, or other areas.


On or before February 1, an applicant for the Founders Merit Scholarship must:
  1. Submit transcripts and supporting admissions materials including our Regular Application (Parent Questionnaire, Student Questionnaire, and references—Math, English and Guidance). Click here to download our regular application.
  2. Complete admissions interview, either in person (preferred) or via Skype. Please email to set up an interview.
  3. Submit the application and supporting materials for the Founders Merit Scholarship. All materials should be submitted to Molly Reeve, Director of Admissions, High Mowing School, 222 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton, NH, 03086.

To Apply

Applications for the 2017-18 school year will be available Fall 2016.


Contact the Admissions Office at
(603) 654-9408 ext 103 or

High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Highway, Wilton NH 03086
(603) 654-2391 phone     (603) 654-6588 fax