High Mowing features a rich theatre program. Each grade produces a play every year. In Grade 9, the theme is Comedy and Tragedy. Students learn the history of theatre and bring to performance a tragedy, a comedy, or scenes from both genres. In Grade 10, the focus is broadened to include other forms from the world theatre tradition, perhaps Commedia dell’arte or theatre of the absurd. In Grade 11, students delve into the world and words of Shakespeare, choosing a play suited to the class for performance. In Grade 12, as a capstone experience, seniors perform a play of their own choosing, usually a comedy or a musical with a true ensemble cast.

In addition, two extracurricular theatre opportunities are offered each year. Every December, interested students perform a Nativity pageant highlighting music and movements as the story-telling medium. In April, students may choose to participate in the spring play. This is most often a large-cast musical. In all cases, students are encouraged to participate in the background aspects of performance—lighting, costuming, prop and set work, choreography, etc. All of these, as well as acting and singing, can be transformative experiences for the student.

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