Students in the Naturalist program develop a meaningful relationship to the world in which we live. They study Natural History and Field Ecology to develop an understanding of our animal neighbors and the dynamic between species on a habitat level.

They also study survival skills, such as starting a fire and building shelters. They learn to navigate using the stars and trees, and to track and identify different forms of wildlife.

Naturalist Trimester

High Mowing is proud to now offer the Naturalist Trimester: The Hero & Heroine’s Journey — A Wilderness Rite of Passage.

Beginning after the orientation trips, participating students will spend the entirety of the fall trimester on a journey of self-discovery. The students will spend all day, every day, studying a variety of integrated subjects with a team of teachers and developing survival skills in anticipation of a three week long wilderness excursion.

This trimester-long experience covers subjects such as ecology, economics, and eco-geography. The Transcendentalists are read, the origins of democracy are considered, and journaling is frequent. Plant systems, forest succession, habitat dynamics, and evolution are studied at length.

Before departing on the trip, the students will learn to start a fire without matches, construct a backpack from plant matter, gather food and cook while in the wilderness, use wild medicinal plants for health and hygiene, and cultivate mindfulness.

This year the students will travel to the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire to conclude the trimester experience.

This course is offered to juniors and seniors. Questions should be directed to Keith Badger.

Naturalist Program

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