Projects Block is a two week period in May when students and faculty embark on out of classroom experiences. These projects vary widely in topics and location, but all of them are are designed to take our community out of the normal realm of experience and into the wider world. Each project immerses the students in a area meaningful to them; projects may be local, or involve extensive travel.

Some groups stay on campus and in the Wilton area for immersive studio arts experiences, history intensives, or community service projects. Other trips take the students across the U.S. and sometimes to foreign countries. These immersive, project-oriented trips are often life-changing for our students and faculty.

Projects Blocks in previous years included an Urban Arts trip to Chicago, a Landscape Art Immersion experience on campus, a long walk in the Lakes District of the United Kingdom, an archaeological dig in western New Hampshire, Community Service in Nashua, NH, and more. Take a look at the blogs chronicling some of our previous adventures.

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