The Waldorf Approach

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Waldorf Education brings age-appropriate content and methods to each stage of a child's development. The Waldorf approach recognizes human beings as three-fold in nature—consisting of a mind, spirit, and body—and educates that entire being in preparation for a life of meaning and purpose.

By meeting the students where they are in their journey, and by infusing art into every academic setting and incorporating music and movement into the broader curriculum, the Waldorf approach offers a holistic, compassionate education for the 21st century.
"Receive the children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom."
~Rudolf Steiner
Waldorf Education was founded in 1919 by the Austrian philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner. Emil Molt, owner of the Waldorf Astoria factory in Stuttgart, Germany, asked Steiner to begin a school for his employee's children. Steiner proposed a school that abandoned the industrial model of education and instead aimed to nurture the entire being.

Today, Waldorf Education is the fastest growing independent education movement in the world. The Waldorf model embraces the power of human connection in the classroom and inspires students to be life-long learners and develop their potential fully.

In the high school setting, there is a different pedagogical approach to each grade. Those approaches address the general needs of each stage of a teenager’s development:
  • Grade 9 trains the student’s power of observation with the question: What?
  • Grade 10 trains the student’s power of comparison with the question: How?
  • Grade 11 trains the student’s power of analysis with the question: Why?
  • Grade 12 trains the student’s power of synthesis with the question: Who?
The High Mowing curriculum embodies this approach. By meeting the students where they are in their own journey, our program nurtures the spirit, inspires the mind, touches the heart, and engages the body.
"Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives."   ~Rudolf Steiner

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