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This Is Our Why

We educate our students to seek truth and fulfill their highest potential, to impart meaningful purpose to their lives, and to contribute courageously to the positive development of the world.

Our mission inspires everything we do here at High Mowing. Each lesson, each activity, each tradition speaks to where the student is in their development, nurturing integrity, resourcefulness, and resilience as they grow from young children to young adults.


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cover of the 2024 spring School Renewal magazine

While for younger Waldorf students, participation in extracurricular sports isn’t a norm — with free play emphasized instead — once students reach high school, dedication to a sport can be important. "In the Upper School, it is necessary to make provision for more movement… [where] students with specific abilities can develop their full potential, which is not always possible in whole class situations," editors Kevin Avison and Martyn Rawson write in "The Tasks and Content of the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum."

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So much about High Mowing is hard to measure, but these numbers help tell our story.