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May 2016

May 31 | Recognition

May 27 | Global (Warming) Issues

    • Cary Hughes takes his Global Issues class outside on a particularly hot day.

May 26 | Illuminated

As a part of their Medieval & Renaissance History Block, the junior class hand drew illuminated letters to better understand the time and effort that went the creation of illuminated manuscripts; a stylized type of text illustration popular throughout the Middle Ages.

May 24 | Odysseus' Journey

Sadhana Lake '18 penned, painted, and bound this booklet summary of Homer's The Odyssey as a final project in her sophomore Odyssey Block.

May 23 | Prom

Grace Durnan '17, Ellie Sienkiewicz '17, Sadie McDonough '17 and Andrew Ewald '17 pose for a picture at Prom. This past weekend the junior class put together this year's themed Prom: Grimm's Fairy Tales, An Enchanted Evening. Click here to see the full Flickr photo album.

May 20 | Campus Abuzz

    • Horticulture teacher Brad Miller gets up close and personal with the newly installed beehive behind our on-campus greenhouses. Photo taken by Ethan Blair '17

May 18 | Moss

    • Nicole Job '17 observes and draws Polytrichum or 'haircap moss' during the junior's Botany Block Class.

May 17 | Prismatic

May 16 | Garden Clean-Up

    • The freshmen and seniors work together to tidy the Abby YANDELL '10 Memorial Garden.

May 13 | Odyssey

May 12 | Recycled Fashion

    • Augusta Kokas '16 works to complete her senior project during Open Studio hours. Augusta is working on a recycled fashion project, creating new and exciting clothing from old scraps. She will present her project alongside her fellow classmates in just under a month.

May 11 | Ultimate Game

May 10 | Flying Gravity

Several High Mowing students performed in last Saturday's circus show at Pine Hill Waldorf School. This performance was a culmination of ongoing efforts of HMS Circus teacher and alum Jon ROITMAN '03 and his troupe The Flying Gravity Circus.

May 9 | Generous Donation

This weekend, Reslife Staff Member Kyle Finnell and a group of students rode out to accept a donation to HMS of over 100 plants from The Amherst Garden Club. We are so greatful to Marti Warren and the Amherst Garden Club for their wonderful donation to the High Mowing School gardens.

May 6 | Continued Management

The forest management project across the street is well underway. A group of horticulture students took a trip down the hill to walk the managed site and learn from forester Patrick Kenney about the process of determining which trees to cut and which to preserve as well as the tools used in selective cutting sites such as this. In an effort to put the wood to good use, 30 tons of wood chips from this site were delivered to our on-campus gardens this week to help catalyze the creation of a new vegetable bed.

May 5 | Kiddo

May 4 | team building

    • Gabe Futterman '18 gets lifted above the rest of the boys' group. The sophomore class is currently doing team building activities for Morning Activity in connection with their study of Odysseus' Journey. Today the boys and girls were tasked with fitting their whole group inside of a small circle. Gabe, being the lightest, was saved for last so the group could lift him above their heads to achieve their goal. Photo taken by Ethan Blair '17.

May 3 | Sheldrick

    • Naturalist and Forestry Teacher Keith Badger explains aspects of forestry and conservation on a fieldtrip to nearby Sheldrick Forest Preservation. Photo by Ethan Blair '17.

May 2 | May Day Weekend