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Silvia Carabias

Silvia Carabias

Spanish Teacher
Waldorf Grade Teacher, CEDA (Centro de Desarrollo Antroposofico)
Curative Pedagogy, IPMT (International Postgraduate Medical Training)
I love learning, I love teaching, and I love my students.
Feeling that she was guided by destiny, Silvia joined our faculty in 2022. She teaches Spanish in the grades and in the high school using songs, rhymes, and games to make it fun and joyful. With our older students, as learning becomes more academic, she uses class conversations in Spanish to support fluency and confidence.
In addition to teaching Spanish, Silvia is a member of the Care Group on our Pine Hill campus. (The Care Group is a group of teachers and/or therapists selected for a specific period of time to assist teachers in deepening their understanding of a child's particular challenges.) "This is a community full of love, care, and support. Your children will be safe, they will be treated with respect, they will be seen and understood, they will receive support in many different aspects, not only the academic."
Among her many interests, Silvia enjoys painting, knitting, crocheting, cooking, studying, reading, listening to music, cleaning her home, watering her plants, nature walks, contemplating nature, birds, writing poems, playing scrabble or rummy with her girls, and connecting with family and friends.


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