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Wendy Bruneau

Wendy Bruneau

Humanities and Drama Teacher
BA, McGill University
MA, Anthropology, George Washington University
JD, Georgetown University
Certificate, History and English, Center for Anthroposophy High School Teacher Training
I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that has been focused on experiential education for over eighty years.
Wendy teaches high school courses in the humanities, English, and drama having arrived at High Mowing after traveling down a long and winding road. She has been a New York attorney and a childbirth educator, and has degrees in anthropology, museum studies, and art history as well as law. Here at High Mowing, she finally feels that she has found what she was always meant to do. It makes her day when a student sees that a piece of literature 400 or even 1000 years old can still speak to us today! She particularly enjoys directing the Shakespeare play with the juniors, as this brings together her love of the word, of history, of drama, and of the students.
Her life-long love of Shakespeare began in high school, and continues in summers filled with attending professional and student plays, and directing workshops. She has a particular love of costume, and makes many of the costumes for the plays she directs and for those directed by other teachers. Wendy loves to see her students move beyond memorizing their parts, arriving at the point where they truly understand what the words mean and appreciate Shakespeare’s brilliance and insight. Each year, Wendy chooses a play with roles that seem right for the students in the class, and together she and her students work to develop the physicality of each scene. But the real magic happens when, in front of an audience, each player becomes his or her own version of the character.
"One of my daughters once observed that most schools stuff your head with information, but a Waldorf education teaches you how to think," says Wendy. It also affords you practice in manifesting your highest self — your essence.


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