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Cary Hughes

Cary Hughes

Dean of Community, Trustee
Courses in History, Dickinson College
Courses in Business Administration, American University
Courses in Philosophy, Emerson College, England
N.E.H. Grant Program, Boston University
As a history teacher, I have always found motivation for myself and my students in this quote, attributed to George Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
A lifelong passion for history combined with a deep interest in Waldorf education as a way of working with high school students inspired Cary to become a history teacher at High Mowing. Over the course of his time here he has served in numerous roles along with his classroom teaching duties and he currently serves as Dean of Community.
Cary teaches courses on history, government and economics, and global issues. In addition to a rich classroom experience, he provides his students with numerous hands-on experiences in local government and Model United Nations, which has grown to include an annual Model UN conference on campus with other high schools in addition to conferences put on by Boston University, Clark University, and George Washington University.
Cary lives on campus in the Octagon House with his wife, Beatriz Hughes. In addition to his duties at school he tries to set a model for community service by serving on the budget committee for the Town of Wilton, currently as the Chair of the committee.


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