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William Minehart

William Minehart

Science Teacher
BS, Environmental Science, Bucknell University
MEd, Waldorf Education, Antioch University New England
Many of us have had the gift of at least one teacher who saw us as an individual, lit a spark of interest in us, and is remembered in our hearts to this day. I aspire to be that teacher for as many youth as possible in my career.
Drawn by High Mowing’s reputation and New Hampshire’s attraction as a place to raise his children, Will joined High Mowing as a class teacher in 2019, taking a class from grade 6 through their grade 8 graduation.
With a life-long interest in the natural world, Will grew up fishing and hunting, which he continues to do, and has been a passionate birder since the age of 6. In fact, he was an ornithologist before becoming an educator, taking part in ecological and evolutionary research with birds through Bucknell, Florida State University, and Oxford, which took him to Australia, Peru, and throughout the US.
Building on this background, Will now teaches science blocks in physics and chemistry in our middle school and earth and life sciences in our high school. Regardless of the grade, Will’s guiding principles in the classroom are awe, wisdom, passion, and discovery. “I find that the natural world is so full of wisdom and mystery that there is a lifetime of discovery to be had. Engaging with the natural world through exploration provides anyone with the perfect tonic for our times, and can help lead us towards a clearer sense of the gift of being human.” Will is delighted by the endless learning that happens as he continues to search for new discoveries and meaning to bring to his students. “The more I strive, the more the students can take part in deepening the discovery of our lessons.”
Outside of teaching, Will enjoys fitness and exercise, wrestling and jiu jitsu, hiking, running with his dog, and spending as much time as possible in nature with his “four beautiful children and outstanding wife, who has been a guiding light and anchor in my life.”


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