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Kate Goodwin

Kate Goodwin

Humanities Teacher
BS, English Education, Miami University
MA, English Literature, Middlebury College
As an introvert, I have been surprised at how important it has become for me to be part of a community. I have learned as a Waldorf teacher, and especially at High Mowing, about the powerful creative forces of a group of people working together for a common good. I feel tremendously fortunate to work with an extraordinary faculty and staff at High Mowing.
When Kate and her husband were first dating, he brought her into a Waldorf kindergarten classroom at the school where he taught. She knew immediately that it was the sort of environment she would want for her own children, an obvious extension of a loving home. At the time, Kate was a public high school teacher, but she started down the long road of becoming a Waldorf teacher in 2011. Although her path has been a winding one, Kate says, “I am so grateful for the challenges and deep joy I have experienced as a Waldorf teacher and a student of anthroposophy.”
Kate joined High Mowing in 2021 as a humanities teacher in the high school. In addition to her role as a teacher, Kate became co-chair of our College to Teachers in the 2022-23 school year. She loves gardening, philosophy, reading and writing poetry, and she is currently, and slowly, learning German.
“An earnest Waldorf teacher constantly strives to see the divine in the world and especially in the students before us. Viewing our task in this way is an immense gift to the students, the wider world, and ourselves. When we can see beyond content and standards, we give the students a safe place to learn what it means to be striving, loving, and free adults. How amazing.”


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