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High School Exchange Students

High Mowing School has a strong tradition of hosting international high school students from all around the world.

Because our school is small, exchanges happen when a High Mowing high school student applies for, and is approved to participate in, a cultural exchange; each participating student is looking for their own distinct country/region or language to explore during their three months away from campus.

If you live outside the United States and would like to visit High Mowing for a three-month high school exchange, we invite you to complete this Exchange Student Profile form to tell us a little bit about yourself. We will share your profile with our students and follow up with you when we have a match.

Contact Admissions

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As an alternative to completing our inquiry form, or if you wish to provide additional information or ask specific questions, please contact our Admissions office using the form below.

We will respond immediately with a copy of your message and additional contact information.


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