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High School Visiting Students

Are you currently living outside the US and looking for an opportunity to experience life as a residential high school student in the US?

High Mowing welcomes visiting international students throughout the school year. While we regularly welcome exchange students as well as international students who wish to complete their entire high school education with us, we also welcome international students who simply want to visit for part or all of a school year. Typically, visiting students attend High Mowing for at least one trimester.

As a visiting student, you will participate fully in the life of the school, living in the same on-campus dorms, taking the same classes as all of our students.

If you’re ready to begin your High Mowing journey, please complete our free online application now! When the list of application forms is displayed, choose the High School International Visiting Student option.

Academic Year Trimesters

At High Mowing, our academic year is split into trimesters:

  • First trimester starts at the beginning of September and ends mid-November.
  • Second trimester starts in late November and ends in late February.
  • Third trimester starts in mid-March and ends in early June.

For a more detailed look at our school year, please see our calendar.

Contact Admissions

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As an alternative to completing our inquiry form, or if you wish to provide additional information or ask specific questions, please contact our Admissions office using the form below.

We will respond immediately with a copy of your message and additional contact information.


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