Tuition and Financial Support

All-Inclusive Tuition

Our tuition is inclusive and covers the cost of academic instruction, classroom supplies, field trips and activities, meals for high school students, residence for boarding students, and laboratory fees.

Affordability Is Our Aim

High Mowing’s tuition levels compare favorably with other independent schools in New England. We are proud of our socio-economic diversity and proud to work with each individual family to reach a tuition amount they can work with.

We offer a personalized, variable needs-based tuition model. For additional information, please submit an inquiry and review our financial aid and scholarship processes.

$3.8M Tuition Aid

One of our founding tenets is that no student should be refused entrance to High Mowing School based solely on financial concerns.
To make HMS education accessible to as many students as possible, we offer
Applying for financial aid will not hinder your application in any way. We provide the support you need to get here by working closely with you to understand your family’s individual circumstances.

529 Savings Plan

What was once savings earmarked solely for college tuition can now be used for private school tuition as early as kindergarten. As of January 2018, a portion of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill extends the use of 529 savings plans.

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  • What are 529 plans?

    A 529 plan is a savings plan originally developed to help families save money for college while earning tax-free interest.  If the money is used for tuition upon withdrawal, no additional taxes will be taken out.  

    Plans are managed by individual states. Each state selects an administrator to broker investments in the plans.  Most families open plans—either on their own or with the help of a financial advisor—in their own state of residence, but one can also open a 529 plan in other states.
  • What are the new benefits?

    Previously, the purpose of 529 accounts was to provide families with a long-term savings option for higher education.  As of January 1, 2018, those benefits have extended significantly to allow families to use up to $10,000 annually from their 529 accounts to cover the cost of tuition for K-12 private schools.  

    If you already have a 529 account and you’ve had a chance to let the interest accrue, it may be beneficial to use some of those savings now.  If you have not yet started a plan but think you might like to, now is a good time to take another look.  A variety of options is available, depending on the age of your child and other factors.
  • How do I set up an account?

    Follow these simple steps:
    1. Select a beneficiary (likely your child, though the account may be transferred to a different beneficiary later).
    2. Gather the address, social security number, and date of birth of the beneficiary.
    3. Work with an investor to determine which account is best for you. You may choose an age-based option taking into consideration the risk level you are comfortable with: conservative, moderate, or aggressive plans.  Additionally, you can custom-select from individual portfolios.
    4. Have your bank account information (account and routing numbers) handy to set up transfers.
For more detailed information on New Hampshire’s plan (managed by Fidelity), visit their website.

NH Children's Scholarship Fund

The New Hampshire Children's Scholarship Fund (formerly Network for Educational Opportunity) provides scholarships for students who are struggling in their current school to allow them to attend a school that is a better fit for them and their learning needs. Scholarships are awarded to students based on highest financial need, funds raised, and the metrics in the Education Tax Credit law for tuition for private school, a public school outside of the student’s district or for homeschooling expenses. Several of our students have received awards from these funds as they entered the school, and we encourage you to investigate this opportunity to see if you are eligible.


    We offer two payment plans:
  • One single payment due by June 1a 2% discount applies
  • A 12-month plan with payments from June through May.


Please contact the Admissions Office!