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New Hampshire Children's Scholarship Fund

For New Hampshire residents, the Children's Scholarship Fund provides two ways to apply for financial assistance for your child’s educational needs:

  • Education Freedom Accounts (EFA) provide scholarships for students who are looking for a school that is a better fit for them. Funds are awarded to students based on highest financial need, funds raised, and the metrics in the Education Tax Credit law for tuition for private school. Several of our students have received awards from these funds as they entered the school, and we encourage you to investigate this opportunity to see if you are eligible.
  • Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarships allow New Hampshire students who are struggling in their current public school to attend a private school, online school, or homeschool that is a better fit for them and their learning needs. ETC scholarships can also be used to attend out-of-district public schools.

529 Savings Plan

What was once savings earmarked solely for college tuition can now be used for private school tuition as early as kindergarten. As of January 2018, a portion of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill extends the use of 529 savings plans.

For more detailed information on New Hampshire’s plan, which is managed by Fidelity, visit their website.

Payment Plans

To help you with your budgeting and financial planning, we offer two payment plans:

  • One single payment due by June 1 — a 2% discount applies
  • A 12-month plan with payments from June through May