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Request a Transcript

The registrar will send out official High Mowing School transcripts to colleges, universities, and employers.

If you graduated or left High Mowing School more than one year ago, there is a $10 fee per transcript sent. In addition,  for transcripts mailed outside the US, there is an additional charge for postage and delivery, payable in advance. The registrar will contact you with details.


Transcript Request Form

Note: We will email a copy of your request to you for your records.


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Where do you want transcripts sent?

Please provide either the complete email or postal address depending on how you want each transcript sent.
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Note: After you click Submit, another page will be displayed where you can pay online using Venmo or PayPal.

Contact the Registrar

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For matters other than transcript requests, please contact our registrar using this form.

We will respond immediately with a copy of your message and additional contact information. 

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Keep in Touch

Alumni across the decades continue to celebrate High Mowing as part of our daily lives through robust memories and awareness that what we took from our time on the hill continues to guide us. 

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