HMS Nativity

Join us for a much-loved High Mowing tradition created by our founder, Mrs. Emmet. 

Cast members arrive at 3:30pm
5 – 6 pm, Big Room, Families invited!

Cast members: arrive at 3:30 p.m. for costumes.

6 pm -- Dinner,  Day students invited.

Experience a long tradition held at the high school -- the Nativity pageant. HMS founder, Mrs. Beulah Emmet, began this special tradition with her first class in 1942. It continues today, bringing light and reverence to this special season. Mrs. Emmet created the pageant as a series of tableaus of Renaissance paintings, with English folk music, classical music and some student-created music accompanying the visual presentation. There are no spoken words in High Mowing's Nativity, other than a brief reading at the beginning. The students bring to life this story of love and peace with Eurythmy and song. It is a moving presentation that is performed by a large proportion of the students. For many alumni it is still at the center of the High Mowing experience.