Circus Studies Program

Jon Roitman '03

Circus Arts, Movement
“Using circus arts as a tool to improve fitness, build self confidence, and unlock potential."

Teaching circus is something that I have felt strongly called to do since I was a sophomore at High Mowing and is one of the most rewarding experiences I can imagine. Being involved in a strong and dynamic youth circus program from the age of 13 as a Pine Hill student was a major driver in my own development and coming of age, which led me to my passion and career.

After many years of international performing with companies such as Cirque Éloize, Vague de Cirque, and the Georgspalast (GOP) Variety Theater in Germany, being back at High Mowing as a circus arts teacher feels natural and right. This is work that I have long dreamt of doing, and I was drawn back to Wilton and High Mowing by the unbounded potential I see here combined with my feeling that this is where the knowledge and skills I have amassed over the years can make the most difference.  I see teaching at High Mowing  as a supremely exciting, fulfilling, and worthwhile endeavor: it enriches this community—which is so important to me—and provides opportunities to our local youth to improve fitness, build self confidence, and unlock potential.

I am constantly searching for new inspirations and ways to improve my artistic and technical resources. This challenge keeps my work as a circus educator as adventurous and exciting as my travels performing across six continents, and often I find the teaching more challenging and more fulfilling.

My favorite part of teaching circus arts is seeing a student succeed at a skill they had previously considered out of their reach—an experience I believe is eminently transferable to many other areas of life. Circus arts teach that with time, patience, good coaching, good technique, and breaking things down into smaller chunks, anything that seems impossible is achievable. Sharing this lesson is exactly the work that I wish to be doing with my life, and I am so lucky and grateful to have the support and freedom to pursue this at High Mowing.

The National Circus School - D.E.E.
McGill University - B.A.