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Academic Dean, Humanities

Wendy Bruneau

Academic Dean, Humanities
“Waldorf education teaches you how to think—and be in the world.”

One of the highlights of my year is teaching the Faust block to seniors. I marvel at the way this play—almost two hundred years old—speaks to students at an age when they are preparing to step out into the world. The course is structured in High Mowing’s tradition of immersive, artistic learning, and each year I am moved by its power to transform the students’ understanding of themselves and their world.

Learning has been a life-long compulsion for me. And being very curious by nature, I’ve pursued some interesting things; I worked on an archaeological excavation in Botswana, practiced corporate law in New York City, and taught natural childbirth classes. But I felt I’d found a calling when I discovered Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of Anthroposophy (the guiding principle of Waldorf Education) and began to teach.

One of my daughters once observed, most schools “stuff your head with information,” but a Waldorf education teaches you how to think. It also affords you practice in manifesting your highest self– your essence. One of the ways this comes about is when, every Autumn, the juniors produce a Shakespeare play. I love to see them move beyond learning to remember the words of their parts to arriving at the point where they truly understand what the words mean and appreciate Shakespeare’s brilliance and insight. Each year I try to choose a play with roles that seem right for the students in the class, and together we work to develop the physicality of each scene. But the real magic happens when, in front of an audience, each player becomes his or her own version of the character.

At a time when other schools are jumping on the bandwagon of experiential learning, I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that has been doing it for over seventy years.

McGill University  B.A.
George Washington University – M.A. Anthropology
Center for Anthroposophy High School Teacher Training – Certificate

Georgetown University – J.D.