Michael D'Aleo | On Intuition and Living Thinking

1st Annual Fireside Chat

The Essence of Waldorf Education: Learning How to Think

Michael D'Aleo spoke on Waldorf Education and how it supports the Development of Intuition and Living Thinking. This recording is of the event which was live-streamed.
On January 20, Michael D’Aleo, Waldorf teacher and scientist, spoke at High Mowing School about developing intuition in high school students. D’Aleo studied mechanical engineering at Rutgers University, and as a mechanical engineer he received 17 patents in seven years.

But at the end of the seven years he had a question: what is intuition? He posed this question to his friends and colleagues, and he was told again and again that he should visit a Waldorf school.

In the early 1990s he visited the Waldorf school in Saratoga Springs, New York. There D’Aleo started to teach science, and co-founded the Saratoga Springs Waldorf High School. He now travels around the country helping schools develop their science programs and giving talks on the nature of thinking.

D’Aleo spoke at High Mowing about how to develop “living thinking” in students—thinking that is flexible, that reacts to changes in perspective and circumstance, rather than being contained to a set of memorized facts and stale content. In Waldorf schools, that dynamic style of thinking is consciously developed, and it is that sort of education, D’Aleo said, that students need if we are to prepare them for the 21st century.

The talk was the first live-streamed event from High Mowing School. Students in the HMS digital arts program set up lights, cameras, and microphones to broadcast and record the talk. The students operated the cameras throughout the broadcast.
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