Black Rock FC | High Mowing School Residential Program

Black Rock FC Residential Academy | High Mowing School is a unique opportunity for high school students who want to take their soccer to the highest level. Our coaching staff provides a healthy competitive environment aligned with Waldorf education: top-level training sessions allow for guided discovery of the game through trial and error, to equip players to make good decisions under high-pressure situations and serve them for life well beyond the game. The experience is designed to seamlessly enrich High Mowing School Waldorf education and support students to reach their full potential.

This year-round program allows boys and girls student-athletes to represent both Black Rock Football club and High Mowing School. In the fall, we compete against other New England Prep School Athletic Counsel schools and local High Schools. In the winter, we continue to train indoors on a field turf facility and compete against local and international clubs. In addition, we will attend 2-3 top-level College Showcase tournaments under Black Rock FC Residential Academy | High Mowing School. The program provides great exposure to numerous universities nationally. We support students with qualified guidance in the college recruitment process: recent matriculation for Black Rock FC players include soccer programs at Stanford, University of Michigan, Duke, Yale, UNC Chapel Hill, Williams, and Kenyon.

The game of soccer provides challenges, inequities, teamwork, courage, and most importantly opportunities to grow that you can’t always learn in a classroom. 
    • Seniors Talk About the College Search

Download the Black Rock FC Club flyer for more information about the soccer program.

High Mowing School

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Founded in 1942, High Mowing School is an accredited Waldorf co-educational school serving day, boarding, and homestay students in Wilton, NH, from early childhood through grade 12. HMS is a place to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world.  Accredited by NEASC and AWSNA (high school current; lower school in process).