In an age when many traditional skills are being lost, tremendous empowerment comes from being able to do things and makes things for oneself. In our Naturalist program, students start fires without matches, using ancient methods. They identify and collect wild edible and medicinal plants. They learn to track animals, to identify trees, and to build simple woodland shelters. They learn the ancient secrets of leather craft and blacksmithing. They navigate the wilderness not only by map and compass, but also by the traditional techniques of reading the stars and the woods.  Most importantly, they learn how to be at home in the wilds of nature.

Naturalist Program

High Mowing School

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Founded in 1942, High Mowing School is an accredited Waldorf co-educational school serving day, boarding, and homestay students in Wilton, NH, from early childhood through grade 12. HMS is a place to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world.  Accredited by NEASC and AWSNA (high school current; lower school in process).