Online English Courses

A taste of the High Mowing experience in convenient, online classes! 
  • Especially designed for international middle and high school students 
  • Improve your English skills -- learn to use language creatively and skillfully 
  • Learn at a comfortable pace that encourages deep understanding 
  • Earn official course credit through High Mowing School 
  • Study with a Harvard-educated teacher 
  • Begin to discover the unique approach of High Mowing School 
● 专为国际初高中生设计
● 提高你的英语技能——学会创造性地、熟练地使用语言
● 以最适合的的节奏学习,鼓励深入理解
● 通过海默茵学校获得正式课程学分
● 与哈佛毕业的老师一起学习
● 体验海默茵学校的独特教学方法

Important Information

  • Courses run April 1 through July 19, 2021. 
  • Each course is worth one full credit through High Mowing School. 
  • US$3750 per course for credit
  • The teacher provides periodic feedback to parents about students’ achievements. 
  • After successful completion of the course, High Mowing School will issue an official transcript. 
  • US$1875 per course for auditing (no credit awarded and no feedback from teacher) 

Weekly Expectations

  • A live class or individual conference with your teacher 
  • A video lesson prepared especially by your teacher that uses video, audio, images, and text to introduce ideas and to provoke thought, questions, and response. 
  • An engaging activity designed by your teacher to elicit close reading, analysis, independent discovery, skills development, and creative response. 
  • Personalized feedback from your teacher about your work. 
  • An opportunity to revise your work to deepen your thinking and improve your language skills.

Middle School English

The Rhythm of English: Poetry, Music, and Public Speaking 

Target age: seventh and eighth-grade students 

Description: Did you know that most poetry in English sounds like a heart beating? In this class, we will discover the beauty of English poetry and create poems of our own! In the process, you’ll develop your skills and confidence in English pronunciation, sentence fluency, composition, and public speaking. 

Focus areas: English pronunciation and fluency; introduction to literary vocabulary and figurative language; confidence in using language; rhythm in poetry and its relationship to rhythm in music; creativity in writing and orally interpreting poetry.

Activities: reading short poems in English; interpreting poems in short written essays; comparing musical rhythms and poetic rhythms; reciting poems; writing original poems and sharing them orally and in writing 

High School English 1

The Power of Story-Telling: What Makes a Great Story Work 

Target age: ninth- and tenth-grade students 

Description: a great story well told can capture our attention and engage our imagination! But how do great stories work? In this class, we will explore that question by examining some of the greatest stories in the English language. In the process, you’ll develop your skills and confidence in English sentence fluency, composition, public speaking, and story-telling. 

Focus areas: English sentence fluency; recognizing and employing narrative structure, dialogue, and characterization; comparing story-telling techniques in literature and in visual art; appreciating theme in a literary work; reading aloud; creativity in composing a story. 

Activities: reading a selection of American and English short stories; reflecting on aesthetics and theme through short essays and oral reflections; examining selected visual art and comparing storytelling techniques; composing and sharing an original short story for publication in a class anthology.

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