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Our curriculum, based in the wisdom of Waldorf pedagogy, is enriched by a team of talented and experienced teachers, rooted in a place of stunning natural beauty, and informed by decades of tradition.

You begin your journey here by studying the earth beneath your feet in the Geology Block.

You investigate subjects in mathematics like Combinations and Permutations, Surveying and Trigonometry, and Projective Geometry.

You tackle lab sciences like Biochemistry and Atomic Theory.

You read classics such as Homer's ´╗┐Odyssey, Dante’s Inferno, Eschenbach’s Parzifal, and Goethe’s Faust and explore their connections with your life today.

You produce and perform a theatrical production every year, learning how to work with your class as a team on every aspect of theatrical production.

You study modern history, ancient history, and everything in between.

Classroom Glimpses


Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote his great poem, Parzival, around the year 1200. In this block class, students relate to Parzival’s struggles and his quest for the courage to take on life’s challenges.

Comparative Anatomy and Physiology

In Comparative Anatomy and Physiology class, students compare the similarities in the human body cavity to the body cavities of different animals. This block course also focuses on structure-function relationships of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs, and interrelationships of the body’s organ system.

Studies in World Theater

Watch as students prepare for their performances of Jean Giradoux’s The Madwoman of Chaillot as part of their Studies in World Theater block.


In Forestry class, students enjoy the New England spring-time tradition of tapping maple trees, collecting the sap, and boiling it down to syrup in the HMS sugar shack, gaining a personal and memorable experience of the science of trees.

Divine Comedy

In grade 11, students study Dante's 14th century masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. Through the study of Dante's epic poem, students work towards a deeper understanding of present day consciousness and their relationship to moral questions and the world. As part of their studies, students creatively render Dante's Inferno using their unique talents and imagination.

Personal Finance

Topics covered in this year-long Life Skills - Practical Math class include investing. Students are challenged to make virtual investments with $5,000 of virtual capital. Some students see positive gains, while others see losses. Students also learn about banking, finance, mortgages, and other beneficial math skills they can use through their lives.

Our approach to coursework and learning enables you to explore topics deeply, practice important skills consistently, and engage in hands-on learning and reflection.