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Student Life

Our beautiful campus is the center of social life for boarders and day students alike.

Located in the small New Hampshire town of Wilton, our 300-acre campus provides a safe, secure environment. Hidden waterfalls, long nature hikes, and endless trails cover the area, making exploring the outdoors an inspiring adventure. The amazing town library, old-time movie theater, and candy shop create a community atmosphere where all are welcome.

The surrounding woods and fields, as they change through the seasons, are an inspiration for thought and reflection. A dozen faculty families make their homes on-campus. They share meals and spend time with you outside the classroom, creating community and enriching your high school experience.

We invite all of our students to participate fully in weekend activities offered on and off campus. In addition to just “hanging out,” you have the opportunity to enjoy gatherings in the dorms, movies, coffee houses, dances, poetry readings, concerts, athletic events, seasonal trips to the ocean, mountain climbs, camping, and excursions to Boston or other places of interest.

Because we are a small school, close and warm relationships are the norm for our boarding and day students alike.

high school boys and girls sitting on rock looking out  at Monadnock Mountains

Boarding Students

Two dorm parents and their families live in apartments in each of the two dorms. With dedication and commitment, they work to create a safe and healthy home-like atmosphere. In both the North and the South dorm, there is a common gathering space where you can hang out, play instruments, or enjoy a game of pool. As an underclassman, you generally share your dorm room with another student. In your dorm room, you have a desk, a twin bed, a dresser, and a closet, and you are free to decorate your room to reflect your personality.

Many say that community is one of the strongest attributes of High Mowing School. In a world where relationships are often impersonal, our boarding program provides an intimate setting for a diverse range of social interactions. Here, you can find friendships that are often profoundly meaningful and last a lifetime.

Day Students

In addition to the official school day, we welcome our day students on campus at many other times. These include attending study hall in the library from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (Monday through Thursday) and special evening events. You may stay for supper without charge when participating in school activities. In addition, we invite you to join us for Sunday dinner and the Student Community Gathering that follows on selected Sundays.

We encourage you to invite boarding students to your home, especially boarding students who are a long way from home. You may also stay overnight in the dorm with permission.