David Anderson Cabin for Peace and Justice

The Cabin is an organization run by a group of High Mowing students whose focus is to raise awareness of poverty and other world issues, and to promote peace. The Cabin was inspired by David Anderson, a 1996 High Mowing alumnus, who died of leukemia in the summer of 1998 – the actual cabin was David’s one room home, containing no electricity or heat, built with help from friends. He described his humble home poetically in the following entry in his diary: “This house is a sacred place. No cruel words will be spoken, no cruel acts will be committed within its walls. May the simple beauty of this house inspire the simple beauty of your soul to shine brightly. Welcome to my house.” The actual cabin is now located on the High Mowing campus and just like David, so too does The Cabin advocate for peace, justice, ecology and non-violent social change, and seeks in David’s memory to inspire the simple beauty of human souls to shine brightly.

The Cabin raises money to help those in need around the world. It has provided support for a Model United Nations Conference, Amnesty International, New Hampshire Youth for Peace, and the HMS Environmental Group. The Cabin has brought many speakers to the High Mowing campus, including Noam Chomsky, Sean Donahue, Sally Fallon, Kathy Kelly, Charlie King, Satish Kumar, Richard Levins, Segun Olarunfemi, and Howard Zinn.

A Few Cabin Projects

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  • Non-Violence Communication Workshop

    The Cabin recently sponosored an all-school workshop on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Students spent the weekend in a Non-Violent Communication facilitation training retreat with educational consultant Barbara Thorngren.  On Monday, the entire school—students, teachers, and administrative staff—divided into groups and led by The Cabin student facilitators, participated in heart-opening exercises where they learned about each other, their differences and similarities, how labeling, judgments of, and holding assumptions and preconceived ideas about each other leads to intolerance and narrow-mindedness. Through this experience, everyone became a little more compassionate and empathic towards themselves and each other, and more conscious of the importance of authentic self-expression.
  • Supporting Japan After the Earthquake

    In response to the 2011 earthquake in Japan, The Cabin embarked on an effort to support the Japanese, led by Julia Geaney-Moore '11 who was in Japan during the earthquake. T-shirts with the Japanese words Ganbare Nihon on them were sold at the local Hilltop Cafe. Additionally, Do Young An '11 and Julia organized an effort to make a thousand paper cranes, representing peace and good luck in Japan.
  • Supporting Women in Uganda

    A past Cabin activity focused on supporting women in Uganda. Cabin members collected over $1,000 by selling necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made out of paper by the Ugandan women. The photo to the left is of two Ugandan women as they hand their freshly made beads to dry in the sun. Each bead is handmade, making it unique. 

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