The High Mowing Experience

The High Mowing curriculum is a well-rounded college preparatory experience that prepares our students for lives of meaning and purpose.

Our curriculum, based in the wisdom of Waldorf pedagogy, is enriched by a team of talented and experienced teachers, rooted in a place of stunning natural beauty, and informed by over 70 years of tradition.

Our goal is to meet the needs of young people in a rapidly changing world.

Block Classes

Block is held for nearly 2 hours each day; students gather by grade to study a specific subject for three or four weeks at a time. The academics of every Block are supplemented and contextualized with art and creative expression.

Textbooks are not used.

Instead, the students make their own “Block Book” out of the work they generate in the course, which they turn in at the end of the block. Those Block Books become evidence of their journey through High Mowing.

Thermodynamics Block Book

Track Classes

Track classes are held every day. Some are required, such as world language, mathematics, English, and art classes, in order to build a foundation of skills.  As the students get older they are supported in the process of defining and charting their own individual course of study through a broad assortment of elective classes which connect with their interests and passions. They can study Contemporary Environmental Issues and American History, French Literature and Topics in Digital Arts.

In our many art studios our students can study with masters in specific artistic fields. In Naturalist the students learn about field ecology and develop survival skills, and in Horticulture they play an active role in High Mowing’s own food shed.

The High Mowing Experience

On the Hill, learning continues outside of the classroom: in the afternoon there are many extracurricular and athletics opportunities; in May, students and faculty embark on two-week immersive experiences during Projects Block; and throughout the year High Mowing's festivals and traditions build a culture of inclusivity, a respect for diversity, and a reverence for life.

This High Mowing experience nurtures the spirit. In Block class our students learn to ask clear concise questions, and develop the capacity to answer them. In our track classes and art studios they find their path and their passions. And surrounded by the calm beauty of Abbot Hill they find peace of mind in a busy world.

This is a well-rounded education, a holistic education, an education for the 21st century.

This is High Mowing.
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Our Students Experience:

Our students begin their journey by studying the earth beneath their feet in the Geology Block.

They investigate subjects in mathematics like Combinations and Permutations, Surveying and Trigonometry, and Projective Geometry.

They tackle lab sciences like Biochemistry and Atomic Theory.

They read Homer's Odyssey, Dante’s
Inferno, Eschenbach’s Parzifal, and Goethe’s Faust.

They produce and perform a theatrical production every year.

They study modern history, ancient history, and everything in between.
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High Mowing School

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Founded in 1942, High Mowing School is an accredited Waldorf co-educational school serving day, boarding, and homestay students in Wilton, NH, from early childhood through grade 12. HMS is a place to grow intellectually, artistically, and socially while living and learning with students from across town and around the world.  Accredited by NEASC and AWSNA (high school current; lower school in process).