Derek Diazgoni-Proal '16

Derek Diazgoni-Proal

Derek, who comes from Cuernavaca, Mexico, is a life-long Waldorf student. Having arrived in his senior year, Derek wasted no time enjoying a number of firsts: he learned to snowboard and rock climb, even venturing into tree climbing, accompanying a professional crew on a tree removal job.

A three-day solo naturalist experience brought a new sense of self confidence.

A closet philosopher who reads Sartre and Nietzsche, Derek was known as a “consummate vacuumer” during clean up, while he artfully dodged other chores in the dorm.

Derek balances strong will and fierce integrity with unfailing politeness and he finds friends wherever he is on campus and beyond.

After taking a gap year to work and travel to Japan and other parts of Asia, Derek will study engineering.