Lily Doyle '16

Lillian "Lily" Doyle

Lily has a rare capacity for sharing her love of art, nature and delicious foods with others, with special affection for small children. Often considered the ‘little mother’ of the girl’s dorm, Lilly was an excellent R.A., a job she credits with helping her get herself organized along the way. Her close relationships with faculty helped her deal with the loss of a family member and to pursue her dream internship – working with kindergarteners at Pine Hill. “I learned that every child is different, with different needs,” she says. “…and I would see how they were doing by the drawings they were making.”
Appreciation of the simple splendor of things is another of Lily’s gifts. If Spanish grammar sometimes puzzled, writing a Spanish poem did not. “She wrote the most perfect Quintana, said her teacher, “out of her sense of innocence, she captured the beauty of the genre,” Marguy said.
Lily’s senior capstone was a labor of love and another act of generosity. She created a children’s storybook, painstakingly illustrated with cut-paper collages, to help small children cope with the loss of a parent.
Lily will study early childhood development at Lesley University in the fall of 2016, where she says she will carry from her years at High Mowing an “open perspective on everything and a sense of calm -- and that nothing has to be rushed.”