Rex Han '16

Yu Su "Rex" Han

Rex certainly lived into his name, for he was the ‘king’ of dorm life and though he had a reputation among his peers as the enforcer of rules, he knew how to enjoy life’s pleasures, always laughing and telling stories and organizing weekend Chinese take-out feasts in the dorm.

Utterly relaxed and endlessly fun, Rex was also possessed of an effortless intelligence, scoring unusually high on tests.

While Rex had a relaxing effect on everyone around him, he was a fierce competitor. He enjoyed a strong basketball season and taught himself to skateboard. He was a serious video gamer —his dorm-shattering cries (of agony or ecstasy, who knew?) could be heard from the girl’s dorm during weekend competitions.

Rex, who grew up in Shanghai, China, had specific reasons for attending High Mowing. Aware of his role in the ‘global family’ he wanted to improve his creativity and independent living skills.  

Rex’s senior capstone explored psychology and he will study the subject beginning in the fall at the University of Connecticut.