Brey Hilton-Wetherbee '16

Breyanna "Brey" Hilton-Wetherbee

“A light and a loyal friend. Quiet but truly present,” are some of the ways Brey is described by her friends.

She had very specific reasons for joining us. She wanted to exceed in the arts and language, and she wanted to write.

We are so glad she joined us!

Committed to community but not demanding of attention, Brey made lasting friendships with her peers and faculty members. She contributed in quiet but powerful ways to her school; creating masterpieces in Eunice’s studio, in book binding and on stage as she participated in the Nativity and the senior play.

Brey’s senior capstone project reflects her deep concern for people in conflict. The project explored the struggle LGBT and gender-neutral people face in society and how that experience could be changed for the better.

Breyanna is a legacy student, preceded at High Mowing by her father, Charles WEATHERBEE ’84 and uncle, Matthew WETHERBEE ‘86

Brey will attend Southern Maine Community College in the fall.