Donovan Hoy '16

Donovan Hoy

Donovan’s years in Waldorf education served him well.  He is an excellent friend, an intrepid competitor and he is curious about all things technical. He is an observant craftsman, taking on the creation of a bow and a step-by-step bow-making manual for his capstone project.

A sensitive and enthusiastic naturalist, he shone in his three-day solo, taking time to point to other’s accomplishments while quietly reveling in his own. He was one of several mentors in the program, working with younger students in a leadership role under Keith’s direction.

Donovan directed the technical crew and was responsible for lighting the spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof. The boys’ basketball team had a fine season, with Donovan as captain. He wowed audiences with a brilliant and sensitive performance as a love-struck repairman in the senior play, Almost, Maine.

A recipient of Abby Yandell Scholarship, Donovan will attend Nashua Community College while he explores a career as a pilot for a commercial airline or the Air Force.