Federica Jermann '16

Federica Jermann

A veteran of Waldorf schools in the Americas and Europe, Federica valued her Waldorf education. One might suspect (if it were possible), that Waldorf education valued Federica. Strong-willed yet grounded, with acute social awareness, she is fluent in five languages, an avid reader, an excellent photographer, and a confident and precise writer.

Refined and self-possessed, ‘Fede’ was always willing to help. She was kind, generous, warm-hearted and hard working.

Her convocation speech at the beginning of the year was an inspiration to everyone.

As Captain of the girls’ soccer team, Federica led by example, with a calm presence, always willing to do what was asked, yet able to take initiative.

Federica will attend Sarah Lawrence College, where she was the recipient of a merit scholarship.