Jack Marin '16

John "Jack" Marin

It is easy to understand why Jack was typecast in school plays as the constable or the sheriff. He exuded a calm authority that commanded respect and put everyone around him at ease.  

But there was more to Jack than his aura. He was a person of action and was always thinking of ways to create harmony in his community. As an undergraduate he was an excellent admissions ambassador. Whenever he was asked for assistance of any kind, whether it was serving as a student representative on the Cultural Life Committee or setting up chairs for chapel, the answer was always "of course.”  

“That is the point,” he once said, when pressed to record his community service hours, “it goes without saying and shouldn’t need to be counted.”

Jack balanced his serious side with fun; he was an avid sailor, a videographer and was Captain of the boys’ soccer team, where he was an excellent teammate and a revered leader.  

Jack tackled the problem of teaching higher math to persons with ‘math anxiety’ in his senior capstone.

True to type, Jack was awarded an emerging leader scholarship at Virginia Tech, where he will enter the Corps of Cadets and study engineering.