Cordelia Schiller

Tall and fearless and unflinching, Cordelia leads with her curiosity and is not afraid to stare failure in the face.

A gifted artist, writer and poet, she sometimes railed against these descriptors and courageously grappled with their meaning.  Not to be undone by the constant doubt that often accompanies a life in art, Cordelia took on the question in her senior capstone: what is an artist?

While all that was going on, Cordelia was dedicated in her involvement with life at High Mowing; volunteering as an Admissions Ambassador, participating in Model UN, becoming a R.A. in the dorm and writing for the school website.  

Her involvement in Naturalist affirmed her tenacity. One night into their three-day solo, a driving rain sent many students to the main tent, where Keith had a nice fire going. At around one a.m. Cordelia popped her head in, but only for a moment. “Can I have one more match?” she asked, before heading back alone to her shelter.

Cordelia will attend Smith College on scholarship.