Noah Wurtz '16

Noah Wurtz

If Noah were to have auditioned for “most interesting man in the world,” he would probably have nailed the part – just by being himself.

Like a character from a Wes Anderson movie, he was interested in many things and blithely pursued them all, sometimes in tandem, with a mixture of avidity and a sort of nonchalance that one might have easily mistaken for ambivalence. And that would have been a mistake, for his interest was deep and abiding, and though it shifted, was never quelled.  

Noah distinguished himself beginning in ninth grade, becoming an Admissions Ambassador par excellence and never stopped helping promote and build his community. He was an excellent musician, actor, artist, poet, satirist, aspiring ballet dancer and Model UN delegate.

Noah proposed a courageous and fascinating senior capstone in which he made himself the test subject of an inquiry: how far can I go in learning a new discipline by practicing daily for one year? He began a course in ballet, discovering he did not like dance, and settled on classical guitar, which he liked very much.

Noah never seemed to seek superlatives, but they came to him nonetheless. He was selected for NH All-state Music Festival on the French Horn and was co-captain of the boys’ soccer team.

Noah and his family were thrilled to learn that he was accepted on full scholarship to Bard College in New York.