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June 11 | Class of 2016

    • The 74th High Mowing School Graduating Class.

June 10 | Close Observation

    • Magenta Arrunategui de los Heros '17 studies leaf structure underneath a microscope while noting her observations.

June 9 | Graduation Garden

    • The Graduation Garden is prepped and the senior class has had their first practice walking down the Graduation Steps; only two more days until the Class of 2016 graduates.

June 8 | Capstone

    • Ashlyn Barry '16 speaks to the effectiveness of Therapy Horsemanship in front of the students and faculty. This week each member of the senior class will give a graded presentation on the work they have done to complete their year-long Capstone Projects.

June 7 | Arnold Arboretum

    • Keiran Sass '17 in the Arnold Arboretum. The junior class took a trip to Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum during their Botany Block class to observe just a few of the 1.3 million different specimens available for viewing.

June 6 | Reflection

The senior class and HMS faculty got together on Sunday for the Faculty & Senior Brunch; a yearly tradition where peers and mentors take time to reflect upon the last four years. Thank you to the Johnson family for hosting this special occasion.

June 3 | Coppersmithing

June 2 | From the studio

This week a handful of finished Batik pieces from the art studios were hung in the Dining Hall for all to see.