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February 2016

February 25 | Moccasin

February 24 | Snow Day

    • It was a snow day today at High Mowing.

February 23 | Live Stream

    • Augusta Kokas '16 sets up for tonight's live stream of our Fireside Chat with Thomas Moore.

February 22 | Honesty

February 19 | Dissection

February 18 | Lay Up

    • Ethan Blair '17 goes in for a lay up at yesterday's game against Tilton School.

February 17 | Self

    • Nicholas Castelli '18 begins work on a self-portrait in his afternoon Fine Arts class.

February 16 | Balance

February 15 | Valentine's

February 12 | Bear

    • A time-lapse created by Chenoa Cameron-Lewis '17 showing the assembly of her stained glass piece.

February 11 | Jewelry making

    • Laini Kellar '17 works to create a metal profile relief necklace from scratch in her Jewelry Making track class.

February 10 | BosMUN XV

    • Noah Wurtz '16 casts his vote during a special committee at BosMUN XV. This is the first year High Mowing School participated in Boston University's Model United Nations conference held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts; the three day conference is one of the largest of its kind in the area with over 500 student participants. Follow this link to learn more about BosMUN XV and view photos of our students in action: https://flic.kr/s/aHskuh6CRW

February 9 | Primary

February 8 | Year of the Monkey

February 5 | Makeup

    • Alex Marin '19 gets his makeup done by Maggie Daler '19 in preparation for their performance tonight. Join us at 7:00 p.m. in the Big Room to see the freshman class perform three one-act plays by Molière

February 4 | pick and roll

February 3 | Trig

February 2 | art of the soul

    • Maggie Daler '19, Nora Breckenridge '19, and Rhianna Schahn '19 practice the the movements and gestures of the alphabet in their freshman Eurythmy class. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Education, described Eurythmy as "the art of the soul" and felt it is an essential part of the Waldorf curriculum.

February 1 | Solve for g

    • Chaz Rodgers '18 records data while Justin Li '18 releases the ball on a downbeat. Using the beat of Jack Johnson's song "Breakdown" as a timing mechanism, the sophomore Kinematics class recreated Galileo's famous inclined plane experiment to determine gravitational acceleration of a ball bearing.